Halloween is a wonderful holiday for tricks and treats. Traditionally, kids used to be the focal point of this scary season. Since so many of us also have fur kids, should we include them, too? Of course! There are a few things to be wary of, though, before celebrating with your pet. Union Lake Pet Services has 6 helpful tips on how to have a fur-raising Halloween for your pet – no Fright Nights involved.

6 Ideas for Throwing a Fun Halloween for Your Pet

Halloween can be an enjoyable holiday for your pet. It gives those pets who are trained and socialized a chance to see other people and their pets, as well as get a taste of some delicious Halloween pet treats. Some pets also love to be dressed up in costumes and doted on. The key thing is to know your pet and their comfort level with being dressed up, noise, and strangers coming to the door.

Here are some other factors that go into designing a pawsitively awesome Halloween for your pet.

  1. Bake homemade Halloween treats – Everyone deserves to get a treat or two on this holiday and even better if it’s homemade. There are several options in seasonally inspired dog and cat treats at most pet supply stores. If you want to make your own, we suggest some of our favorite DIY Halloween treats.
  2. Host a pet costume party – If you know others with well-mannered pets, consider throwing an outdoor or living room Halloween party. Make sure the area is secure and free from anything pets might get into, and large enough for fun activities and playtime. You can even have a costume contest and have some goodies for pets and their owners for different awards.
  3. Choose the best costume for your pet’s comfort – Not all costumes are created equal. Some pets are completely averse to wearing anything of the sort. If your pet is fine with costumes, we suggest you make sure that they are well fitted, do not cover the face, and relatively simple in design. Make sure to remove small buttons, string, and other things that become a hazard if swallowed.
  4. Come up with some Halloween pet games – If you choose to have a small gathering with other pets and their people, games are essential. Hide and seek with pet treats and toys is a good one, as well as a Halloween costume parade in the neighborhood. For the dogs, you can fill a tub of water so they can bob-for-bones (like apple bobbing for people).
  5. Go trick-or-treating – Many pet owners will head out with their pets and make stops along the way to greet dog-friendly neighbors. Most people have a treat that is appropriate for dogs lying around, but they will definitely get a kick out of seeing the adorable costumed pets at their door.
  6. Design a pet photo booth – A photo opportunity for your cutest costumed pets is a wonderful choice in Halloween funfare. You can find a photo booth to rent to invite your friends with pets over to use. Or, you can create or buy your own with your cell phone camera or digital camera and a creative spooky backdrop. Imagine all of the social media “likes” you will get!

This Halloween, it is important to keep your pet’s safety at the forefront of anything you do. Make sure that you secure doors and gates, supervise your pet during any gathering or when strangers come to the door, and have them microchipped for added security. Remember that chocolate is one of the major poisons for pets, so stash any human treats out of their reach.

If you have any questions about Halloween for your dog or cat, please call us. Have a great Halloween!