The upcoming holiday season may not be on your radar quite yet, but here at Union Lake Pet Services we believe it’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts for your pet. If you’re like most of us, your pet probably has everything he or she needs (and more), so why not try your hand at a few DIY pet gifts this holiday season?

The Benefits Of DIY Pet Gifts

The most obvious benefit of making your own pet gifts is the cost. Most homemade treats and toys are much less expensive (and just as much fun for your pet) than those found in the store.

DIY pet gifts are also generally more environmentally friendly than store bought gifts, especially if you recycle items you already have around the home. Homemade items are often customizable as well, meaning you can cater to your pet’s particular preferences and personality.

Homemade Treats

This is an easy one, because what pet doesn’t love treats? Ingredients such as cooked vegetables, peanut butter (without Xylitol), low fat dairy products, broth, and lean meats can be combined in practically endless ways to create delicious and nutrient dense stocking stuffers for your furry friends, such as…

Make sure any ingredient you use in your DIY pet treats are safe for pets to eat; treats should not contain chocolate, Xylitol, raisins, nuts, onions, garlic, avocado, or any ingredient that is high in salt, sugar or fat.

Fun And Games

Pets need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to maintain a good quality of life. Provide your fur friend with both by whipping up a homemade toy that won’t tax your budget, or your patience:

  • This simple DIY tug-of-war toy can be made out of an old tennis ball and t-shirt. Don’t have a ball or t-shirt, but do have an old towel you no longer need? Turn it into a reclaimed towel dog toy that is not only free, but washable.
  • These cat toys are made entirely from toilet paper tubes, so even if you don’t have one available at the moment, chances are you will soon!
  • This sweet potato chew is part toy, part treat, and all fun.
  • Why bother purchasing an expensive food puzzle for your dog when you can make onefor the low price of a plastic container and some treats. Kitties need enrichment too, so check out these DIY cat food puzzles.

Our team welcomes your questions and concerns, as well as your ideas for DIY pet gifts. We look forward to hearing from you!