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  • Multi-Cat Homes: How to Tame the Feeding
    Feeding multiple cats poses a challenge if one cat is overweight, diabetic, allergic, or an aggressive eater. How can you meet every cat’s feeding needs? Read more
  • Cat Litterbox Challenges
    Got cats? If you do, then you know how picky cats can be, especially when it comes to challenges of the litterbox. For example, you may buy the best cat Read more
  • Union Lake Animal Hospital’s Animal Rehabilitation Center
    Anyone who has ever experienced a major injury or surgery can attest to how vital rehabilitation therapy is in the recovery process.However, it has only been in recent years that Read more
  • Shock Wave Therapy for Pets: Not as Scary as It Sounds!
    Would you ever let your pet be treated with shock wave? Before you say no, take a minute to learn a little more about extracorporeal shock wave therapy, or EWST. Read more
  • Citizen Canine: Puppy Training
    Bringing home a new pup is a joyous and exciting time. Your little fur ball is the apple of your eye, and with those floppy ears, wagging tail, goofy grin, Read more
  • A Joint Effort: Managing Canine Osteoarthritis
    For many pets, osteoarthritis can be just as common an affliction as it is for humans. Knowing how to best manage your pet’s care under these circumstances can be a Read more
  • Happy Tails: Secrets to Successful Boarding
    With summer in full swing and vacation season finally upon us, our boarding services are filling up fast. As a result, we are receiving more and more calls asking, “What Read more
  • Feelin' Frisky and Fabulous: The Benefits of Pet Grooming
    Anyone who has picked up his or her pet from the groomers knows that there is an undeniable bounce in the step of a freshly shorn pup. Just like us, Read more
  • Happy Tails! Tips for Traveling with Your Pet
    Without a doubt, the best cure for the summertime blues is a vacation. There is something undeniably exhilarating about hitting the open road with friends or family and exploring world Read more
  • Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving: Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Pet
    With Thanksgiving just a week away, many Americans are reflecting on all they have to be thankful for this holiday season. For many pet owners, the love and companionship our Read more
  • Picking the Perfect Pet
    The decision to adopt a new pet into your home and family is a big decision. For many pet owners, the pets we adopt become our best friends and closest Read more
  • Pet Adoption: Why You Should Wait
    With the Christmas approaching you may be tempted to adopt a new pet into your family as a surprise gift. Or, perhaps you are considering gifting a kitten or puppy Read more
  • Dog Training: Rally and Agility
    With low temperatures making it hard for both you and your pet to get out for some much-needed exercise, it is the perfect time to enroll your dog (and you) Read more
  • What It Takes to be a Volunteer Reading Dog
    Have you ever thought about doing volunteer work with your dog? It can be a rewarding experience for both you and your pet. There are many types of volunteer opportunities Read more
  • How to Stop Destructive Dog Chewing
    While dog chewing is a completely normal behavior, destructive dog chewing is not. Our tips will help you understand and stop destructive dog chewing. Read more
  • Pretty Kitties And Dapper Dogs: The Importance Of Regular Pet Grooming
    Every pet parent has observed the fascinating grooming rituals of his or her four-legged friend; cats carefully wash their whiskers, birds delicately preen each feather, dogs lick their paws and Read more