Move over, celebs! We have a new breed of star power, and they come on four paws. Cats and dogs (and other pets) have definitely been trending on social media since their cute selves graced the internet. These amazing pets are followed by hundreds of thousands of pet lovers everywhere – even posthumously, like Grumpy Cat. 

If you are looking for something adorable and funny (a great combination), then look no further than these Insta cuties. Your team at Union Lake Pet Services gives you our favorite pets to follow on Instagram.

10 Hottest Pets to Follow on Instagram

Don’t you wish your furry friend was the instigator of millions of likes? Not everyone can be an Instagram star, but you can definitely use these pets as inspiration to take better pics of your favorite pup or kit.

  1. Doug the Pug – What’s not to like about this wrinkled little dude? Doug the Pug has over 3 million followers on Instagram. The pop diva, Shakira, even flew to Spain to see him. Crazy, right? 
  2. Grumpy Cat – Even though we lost Grumpy in May 2019, it hasn’t stopped her from continuing to gain followers on Instagram and Facebook. This frowny cat is the focus of memes everywhere. She was even the star of a Lifetime movie special called Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. We miss Grumpy, but her memory lives on.
  3. Ludwik the Guinea Pig – From abandonment to superstar, this little hairless guinea asks you to count your blessings, think positive, and adore the small. Check out his bow tie! Ahhhhh.
  4. Hedgy and Lulu the Hedgehogs – Small mammals and exotics are taking over as trendy pets. This duo is such fun to follow if you love the burrowing kind of pet. Their adventures definitely make us smile.
  5. Goats Gone Grazing Acres – Boasting not one star but several, this delightful farm brings you entertainment via hooved pals. Big pastures, blue skies, and all the goats you can handle! If you can’t own a little farm, viewing these goats is the next best thing. 
  6. Wonton Soup – This furry Pekingese is a show stopper with the hilarious video of him running in slow motion. Check it out! With that mop of fur, you can totally see why Wonton Soup is trending.
  7. Graveskull the Persian Cat – This smoosh-faced kitty looks much like a jack-o-lantern, don’t you think? The blazing orange eyes have given Graveskull an a.k.a. of Halloween Cat. She is known to give her person massages, too! We love that.
  8. 3 Bulldogges – Well, there are actually four bulldogs, but each of them are the sweetest wrinkled buddies you have ever seen. Sumo, Ayumi, Tonka and Mochi are their names and just look at them in action. Or, maybe just chillin’, which is their usual state of being.
  9. Maxine the Fluffy Corgi – Corgis, by far, are one of the most popular breeds around, and Maxine takes the cake. Maxine also gives you the grand tour of Central Park on her NYC adventures. 
  10. Exempel the Bunny – Can you get past that little nose? We can’t either. Exempel is one part bunny, one part koala bear, and there’s no doubt that he’ll continue to gain more fans. Bunnies make great pets, too.

Pets to Follow on Instagram: What About Yours?

What are some of your favorite pets to follow on Instagram? We’d love to see them. Just comment on our Facebook.

While your pet may not be Instagram stellar, we are sure they are a star with you. We look forward to seeing your furry one, too. Call us anytime for an appointment, or if you have recommendations about the coolest pets to follow on Instagram.