Keeping Your Pet Sane through the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us – do you feel the excitement in the air? With shopping and gatherings, wrapping and decorating, there is a lot of activity associated with the season.
Are you feeling the merry…or more of the weary?

Although December can be a time of joy and togetherness, it can bring with it stress. That stress may affect our pets, too. The change in routine and the chaos of the holidays can cause some pets to experience anxiety, phobia, and destructive behaviors. In others, it may cause fear and an increased risk of escape.

To help keep your pet’s stress at a minimum, your friends at ULPS are here with helpful suggestions for helping your pets stay calm and sane during the holidays.

7 Simple Ways to Handle Your Pet’s Stress During the Holidays

Spending time to attend to your pet’s social, emotional, and physical needs can alleviate much potential fear or anxiety that may arise. Being proactive is a good start to having a stress-free holiday for them – and for you!

  1. Keep your pet’s daily routine. One of the biggest stressors for your four-legged is a change in what to expect each day, Like us, pets rely on a schedule, which should include exercise, attention, mealtime, and other daily tasks. By maintaining that consistency, you reduce any anxiety associated with a change in routine.
  2. Take time for affection. When you are busy taking care of all of the seasonal tasks, it’s easy to forget to take some time for your pet. If you relax and spend time with your four-legged pal, it will help release some of the stress for both of you.
  3. Make exercise a priority. As they say, a tired pet is a well behaved pet. When those daily dog walks or cat playtimes become fewer and fewer this month, you are likely to have accidents around the home, or maybe a chewed up pair of shoes. Not only does daily exercise reduce the risk of obesity, it also fosters your pet’s emotional wellness.
  4. Plan ahead to reduce stress. If possible, try to plan out holiday tasks to give yourself more time and to reduce your own stress. Also, try to avoid expressing that stress when you’re with your four-legged family members.
  5. Create a quiet zone. When things get crazy, such as hosting a holiday party or having the family over for Christmas dinner, that chaos may rub off on your pet. By finding a quiet place in the home for your furry friend, you reduce the risk of escape (from an open door or gate) and ingestion of a toxic food or alcohol. Plus, creating a calm oasis for your pet can help avoid anxiety and stress.
  6. Keep them busy with new toys. Challenging games for your pet can help them stay busy and entertained while you are wrapping, decorating, and all of the other to-do’s. New toys can also give your pet something to do during the cold days, when you can’t get outside for a walk or run.
  7. Find a daycare or sitter for busy times. If you’re finding that stress runs high in your household, or you must travel or are too busy for pet duty, why not take your pet to a local daycare or hire a sitter? They can come to the rescue by taking over walking duties, attention, and playtime to keep your fur kid content. You may even consider overnight accommodations if you plan on hosting this year. We are always excited to see your best pal and take excellent care of him during the holiday madness.

    The holidays may come and go in a daze for us, but our pets can be protected from the stress and frenzy of the season with a few simple precautions. It’s amazing what a little planning ahead can do. If you would like to board your petduring the festivities, please call us for information. We fill up fast during December, so we encourage you to contact us when you have your holiday plans.

    For any other questions on alleviating your pet’s stress during the holidays, please don’t hesitate to ask us.