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  • Your Ultimate Guide to Successful Pet Boarding
    Rock your fur baby's staycation by knowing what to look for when boarding your pet, what to ask, what to pack, what to expect and the smartest way to drop off and pick up your pet. Read more
  • Why Your Dog Barks at Nothing
    As random as your dog’s barking may seem, there is usually a reason. Barking is your dog’s way of communication. Here’s a quick guide to help you better understand your furry companion’s barking. Read more
  • Is Your Cat a Bully?
    Is your cat a bully? If so, how can you tell and intervene to put a stop to it? Your cat's aggression may also be a sign that something is wrong and your cat is trying to let you know. Read more
  • Helping Shelter and Rescue Animals This Holiday Season
    Animal lovers look for ways to help out their favorite animal rescue or shelter at the holidays. In addition to writing checks or walking dogs, we offer ideas for other ways you can help. Read more
  • Reducing Your Pet’s Stress During the Holidays
    The holidays can bring stress which can affect our pets too. Changes in routine and general business can cause some pets to experience anxiety and destructive behaviors. We offer 7 simple ways to help your pet handle the stress of the holidays. Read more
  • Whizzy Kitty: How to Deal with Cat Pee Accidents
    Once a cat finds a favorite place on the floor or carpet, they are more likely to return to that spot. We offer tips on preventing continuing pee accidents and for cleaning up existing cat pee accidents. Read more
  • A Day in the Life of a Kennel Attendant
    I’m a Kennel Attendant. You trust your pet to my care for boarding but what does my day with your dog or cat look like? Here’s a typical day in the life of a kennel attendant. Read more
  • My Dog Broke a Nail? What Do I Do Now?
    If your dog broke a nail, or has injured a nail, we offer tips on dealing with broken, split and brittle nails. Read more
  • Fall Pet Grooming: Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice
    Fall has its own grooming needs with cooler, drier weather and more time spent indoors to keep skin and coats healthy. We also recommend tips for fall at-home pet grooming and how we make grooming visits more Fear Free for our furry clients. Read more
  • Kids and Dogs: Be Smart, Play Safe
    Even the friendliest dogs have their limits, especially around children who don't understand what stresses them out. Keep everyone playing together safely by using our Do's and Don'ts of safe interaction. Read more
  • When A Couple Splits: Deciding Who Keeps the Dog
    When a couple splits, it is painful for everyone involved. Children and pets are often caught in the middle. Deciding who keeps the dog(s) can be challenging. Here are points to consider in order to do what's best for your furry family members. Read more
  • 10 Strange Dog Behaviors
    Every now and then, your dog will behave in strange, peculiar ways like zooming around or rolling in something nasty. Why? This list of 10 strange dog behavior makes for a fun read. Some we can explain, others we won’t know for sure until our canine friends are able to tell us. Read more
  • 13 Common Cat Myths Debunked!
    Cats always land on their feet and purring means they’re happy, right? The truth is these are myths. Here are 13 common cat myths that we debunk with the real facts. Read more
  • Do's and Don'ts of Visiting an Animal Shelter
    Visiting an Animal Shelter can be very rewarding when looking for a new pet. A list of Animal Shelter Visitor Do’s and Don’ts: Read more
  • 10 Canine Myths Debunked
    We think we know certain things about our dogs. We’ve heard bits of pet knowledge all of our lives. We debunk or update 10 popular canine myths. Read more
  • Keep Cool in the Pool: Comparing Doggie Pools
    One way to help our dogs stay cool is a doggie pool. These come in a variety of sizes, shapes and prices but which one is best? We compare doggie pools to help you find the right one for your dog. Read more