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Eligibility, Reservations, and Pricing FAQs

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Eligibility and Suitability for Daycare 

  • First, we ask that you complete our Daycare Registration Form.
  • We’ll review the Registration Form and confirm your dog’s vaccination records.
  • The next step is scheduling your Prerequisite 1st Day or 3-Day Starter Package where an expert trainer spends time with your dog one-on-one to help them become comfortable with ULPS staff and daycare. Watch our Daycare Starter video to see a preview of how we introduce your dog to daycare.
  • We strongly recommend the 3-Day Starter Package as most dogs need more than one day to get the hang of daycare.
  • For the safety of your pet and the others staying with us, we have certain preventive health requirements that must be current before entering our facility for pet boarding, pet daycare, Bed and Biscuit, or pet grooming services:
  • Dogs—Rabies after 4 months, Distemper Combo Vaccine needs to have been started for puppies, Flu Vaccine, Annual Negative Heartworm Test, Annual Canine Cough (Bordetella) Vaccine, and Negative Intestinal Parasite Screening twice annually. Canine Influenza Vaccination is normally only strongly recommended, but is currently required for the protection of any dogs who will be around other dogs at Union Lake Pet Services.
  • We take puppies as young as 8 weeks old, though some need a few additional weeks to be ready. (We would like a vet’s approval for a puppy 8 weeks old to attend daycare.)
  • Dogs don’t need to know any commands in order to come to daycare.
  • All breeds are welcome at ULPS doggy daycare.
  • Almost every dog is a good candidate for daycare, but not every dog is a good candidate for group play. Some dogs require more individual attention. For those, see the next question for the individualized options we offer.
  • We don’t recommend daycare for dogs so anxious about coming to daycare that they make themselves physically sick (vomiting). For these dogs, an alternative is to have one of our experienced trainers come to your home to help your dog feel less anxious.
  • Some dogs require more individual attention. For those, we offer other options:
  • Our individualized Play Days include:
    • Several hand walks per day with our loving team members
    • Individualized play time (ball play, brushing, toy time, peanut butter kongs)
    • Enrichment activities customized to your dog’s liking
    • Hot lunch
    • Hugs and kisses
    • Off leash time outside
    • SmugMug photos and videos can be sent
  • An Enrichment day is similar to a Play Day but includes more focus on Enrichment Training. Your dog is having fun learning and growing, and building confidence, coordination, mental focus and strength.
  • Your dog always has the option to spend the day in their run rather than join group play.
  • That’s fine. We often find that a dog behaves differently at home than here at daycare. We have plenty of shy dogs who come to daycare. They have the option to play with the other dogs, play on their own, or stay near a staff member for extra attention.
  • Yes. Each dog goes through an initial evaluation by a certified dog trainer. Most dogs, even those with some aggressive behaviors, are fine at daycare. A more aggressive dog may need a little extra attention upfront during the Starter Package to be comfortable at daycare, but they are welcome at daycare.
  • Yes, just as with shy dogs, we welcome anxious dogs. We work to help them feel comfortable here at ULPS before we introduce them to other dogs. And we won’t force them into an uncomfortable situation around other dogs.
  • The exception is a dog with extreme anxiety that is so terrified on the first day that they are vomiting and cowering. In a case that extreme, consider having our Quirky K9 trainer come to your home to help your dog get past their extreme anxiety.
  • Not until the dog is 1 year old. If we see issues sooner, we let the owner know and we may have to separate the dog. In some cases, we may recommend that you spay or neuter a month or two sooner.
  • Once a dog goes into heat, it can create behavior issues in a playgroup and there is the potential for pregnancies.  
  • Yes, an older dog can enjoy finding his or her own cozy spot in the play yard, or napping on a well-padded bed between play times. Our turf play yards are softer on joints so they’re more comfortable for older dogs. 

Daycare Enrollment

  • Absolutely. Any day. Any time. And it isn’t necessary to call ahead. We want you to see for yourself the difference at ULPS, and we want you to be comfortable with leaving your dog at our doggy daycare.
  • One of our trainers spends a day with your dog to help them acclimate and feel comfortable in the building, with staff, and with other dogs. At the end of this 1st Day, based on your dog’s response, we may recommend a 3-Day Starter Package.
  • The 3-Day Starter Package is ideal for a dog that has never been in ULPS doggie daycare before or who isn’t as comfortable with the idea of playing with a group of dogs.
  • For 3 full days within one month, a trainer will spend time with your dog to gradually ease them into daycare. See more details in the next answer.
  • The Starter Package is a great deal since it comes with two free days of daycare once your dog successfully completes the package.   
  • Either 1 day or 3 days depending upon which you choose.
  • For the 3-Day Starter Package, we allocate 3 days within a one-month period for our Daycare Starter Package. During those days, we help your dog become comfortable with the hospital, the staff, and we can gradually introduce your dogs to other dogs one at a time until they feel comfortable in joining their playgroup.
  • We’re advocates for your dog. As much as we want your business, we want to be sure that this program is right for your dog. We don’t want to force it on him. We start slow and make sure they are comfortable.
  • We have three main goals with our Starter Package:
    • Get your dog comfortable comfortable with our facility.
    • Get your dog comfortable with our staff.
    • Get your dog comfortable with their playgroup. Each group has up to 12 dogs. They may not meet their playgroup the first day. We go at your dog’s pace and make sure they are comfortable every step of the way before we proceed. When ready, we introduce one dog at a time to your dog in a separate play yard.
    • Watch our Daycare Starter video to see how our expert training staff safely and gradually introduces your dog to members of their playgroup.
  • We find that most dogs are very comfortable at ULPS daycare. They’ll make friends and will soon be eager to play with their daycare friends and see their favorite daycare supervisors. 

Daycare Reservations, Cancellations, Drop Off and Pick Up

  • You don’t need a reservation for daycare. Simply drop off your dog at the desk during daycare hours.
  • You will need to schedule the Prerequisite 1st Day or 3-Day Starter Package in advance since these require a trainer to schedule time with your dog.  
  • There is no cancellation policy since we don’t take reservations.
  • Daycare drop-off begins at 6am Monday through Friday, and at 8am on Saturday. Dogs need to be picked up before 7pm Monday through Friday, and before 6pm on Saturday.
  • Very convenient. We have a large parking lot right outside the building.
  • Yes, please. We ask that it be a regular leash, not a retractable leash.
  • We keep it simple. Check in and out at the front desk. We’ll review any special instructions, then get them started on their daycare stay.
  • You may pick up your dog at any time during daycare hours.
  • Daycare ends at 7pm Monday through Friday, and at 6pm on Saturday.
  • If you are late Monday-Friday, your dog is taken across the parking lot to our Veterinary Hospital. Our staff is there until 8pm, our closing time.
  • Our late pick-up fee (from the hospital) for these days is $5.
  • We do not offer late pickups on Saturdays as our entire facility closes at 6pm.
  • If you are not here to pick up your dog by closing time, we will gladly board your dog overnight, and feed them for the evening. Regular boarding rates apply.

Daycare Pricing

  • Prerequisite 1st Day of Daycare = $37.50. This includes one day with a trainer to help your dog acclimate to daycare.
  • The 3-Day Starter Package = $99. This package includes 3 days with a trainer to help your dog feel comfortable with daycare and overcome any fear or hesitation. As long as your dog acclimates well and is enjoying daycare, he will receive 2 complimentary days of daycare.
  • 1 Whole Day Daycare = $35
  • 1 Half Day of Daycare (5 hours or less) = $21
  • See the next question for our daycare package prices.

Yes, we have whole and half day packages.

Packages - Whole Days:

  • 10 Whole Days = $280
  • 20 Whole Days = $480
  • One Month Unlimited Daycare = $420
  • 100 Whole Days = $1,900

Packages - Half Days:

    • 10 Half Days = $199
    • 20 Half Days = $390

Packages are valid for one year (unlimited monthly packages expire after 30 days). Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • No, all dogs are charged the normal rate.
  • Two dogs may stay together in one run for their comfort with each other but the rate is not discounted.
  • If you have two dogs, both dogs can draw off of the same package.
  • Not for daycare. Just give us the medications and information during drop-off.
  • Yes, you may add-on these options:
    • Hot lunch $2.00. It is Royal Canin Chicken and Rice Kibble with Grandma Lucy’s to make a chicken, rice, potatoes, and carrots stew.
    • Peanut butter kong at lunchtime $1.50
    • SmugMug photo or video $2.50
  • We occasionally have special offers for doggy care. When we do, they would be on our Specials page and/or featured in local mailbox coupons. 

Optional Pet Daycare Services

  • Absolutely. While you don’t need reservations for daycare, you would need to pre-book any training. Otherwise, our trainer’s schedules may be full and unable to accommodate the desired training time.
  • We prefer not to groom dogs during their daycare stay. We make your dog look great during his grooming appointment. He may be hot and disheveled, though, by the time you pick him up from daycare after he’s been playing outside. We can do nail trims but we prefer that you save grooms for another day.  
  • You may view boarding, training or enrichment services that you can add to your dog’s daycare schedule on our Union Lake Pet Services website.
  • Yes, although almost everything is included in your daycare price. Upgrades are:
    • A yummy hot lunch of Royal Canin Chicken and Rice Kibble topped with Grandma Lucy’s. It’s like a stew with chicken, potatoes, carrots, etc. $2.00
    • A peanut butter kong to supplement lunch $1.50
    • SmugMug photo or video of your dog $2.50
  • Daycare is an optional add-on with boarding so that you may choose the services you want a la carte.
  • Yes, if you’re unable to pick up your dog by our 8pm closing time, Monday through Friday, we will automatically board your dog overnight and feed him dinner.
  • There is an additional $5 fee for late pick-up. If your dog is boarded, regular boarding rates will apply.

For Daycare FAQs re: Daycare Basics, items your dog may need to bring, a dog's day at daycare, and a dog's comfort and safety at daycare.

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