Many pet owners hear “grooming” and picture a dog or cat with a fancy haircut. While special cuts and styled coats are definitely an aspect of grooming, they are not the only elements. Pet grooming is an important part of a care routine and can help your dog or cat remain healthy and happy. Union Lake Pet Services is here to show you why regular grooming is so important for your pets:

Pet Grooming: Detecting Problems Early

There are not many people that get as up close and personal with your pet’s skin and coat as a groomer. Groomers are often the first to discover potential problem areas like cysts, ear infections, skin troubles, or other potentially concerning spots. They can also find and remove hair mats that could eventually make your pet uncomfortable or even cut off circulation, or find signs of fleas or ticks. It can actually be very painful for animals with long hair not to have regular appointments with the groomer

Pet Grooming: Trimming Nails to Avoid Injury

While some pet owners are experts at clipping their pet’s nails, many have trouble or are too scared to do it. Professional groomers can safely and efficiently trim your dog’s or cat’s nails to keep them at a manageable length. Not only are long, unruly nails more likely to get caught in carpet or furniture, they can also change the way your pet walks. If left untreated for too long, this could lead to issues with joints, especially for animals who are already suffering from arthritis or other age-related conditions. If nails get too long, it can be dangerous for the animal. 

Pet Grooming: Cleaning the Ears

Regular ear cleaning can prevent infections that would cause major discomfort for your pets. Pet groomers can keep the ears clean and free from odors. They can also spot signs of mites or other parasites that could lead to larger health issues for your pets. Your groomer will alert you if anything looks unusual with your pet’s ears so you can schedule an appointment with your veterinarian and get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Pet Grooming: Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

While pets needs yearly dental cleanings at the veterinarian to get truly clean teeth and gums, you can help maintain their oral health with regular trips to the groomer. Groomers brush the teeth and gums to help prevent periodontal disease. This will also help to keep your pet’s breath smelling fresh, which makes it much more enjoyable to receive a slobbery kiss from them.

Pet Grooming: Checking on Eye Health

Another benefit of regular pet grooming is the ability to regularly check on the health of your pet’s eyes. Groomers will look for signs of infection or other vision impairments that might need veterinary intervention. Grooming your pet can actually help them maintain a clear view of the world around them.


At Union Lake Pet Services, we make it easy to give your pet the care they need to live a happy life. From pet grooming to training, we are here to enhance pet ownership in and around Waterford. To learn more or to sign up for services, please call (248) 363-6262.