Getting a new puppy is a time full of exciting firsts for you and the dog. In between the cuddles, laughs, and picture-perfect opportunities, it is important to think about obedience training.

Training a puppy is an essential to-do that ensures your new dog behaves the way you want him to. It also helps him successfully interact with humans and other animals. Use this guide to help you know when to start your puppy in obedience training:

The Importance of Obedience Training

Obedience training offers many benefits for your new puppy. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • It sets a foundation of good behavior: Training shows your dog positive behaviors he should do regularly and those not-so-positive behaviors he should avoid.
  • It lets him know the rules of the house: Every pet owner has a different set of expectations for their pet. Getting your puppy into obedience training classes helps him learn what is okay and what is not okay in the house.
  • It strengthens your bond: Working with your puppy to train him is an effective way to strengthen your bond. When you work to train your puppy, you can develop a rapport that helps you both feel even closer.
  • It protects your dog: Teaching your puppy certain commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it” can ensure that he will listen to you in a potentially dangerous situation.
  • It protects others: Working with a dog from a young age on training is an important element of socialization. This gives you confidence that your dog can feel comfortable and safe in practically any situation.

The Best Age to Start Puppy Obedience Training

Most puppies are ready to start learning in their eighth week of life. By this point, their brains have developed enough to learn new information like basic commands. Most puppies respond well to leash training when they’re about 10 weeks old because they have already developed a particular bathroom routine. You should avoid obedience training with other dogs until your pup reaches about 16 weeks of age, though. Introducing him to other dogs too early can make it difficult to know how he will react.

Obedience Training Classes

While you can certainly teach your pup a few basic commands at home, it might behoove you to work with a professional dog trainer to complete obedience training. Professional trainers know how to positively encourage your puppy to behave properly. These positive associations can help your dog realize the benefits of behaving well. Professional trainers can also work on behavior modifications that will minimize negative personality traits like anxiety or fear that might cause your dog to behave aggressively. Working with a professional trainer is the best way to ensure that your new puppy grows into a happy and well behaved dog.

At Union Lake Pet Services, we specialize in positive reinforcement training to help dogs be and feel their best. Our basic obedience classes start at age 16 weeks. We believe it is the right age to start your puppy in obedience training with a few other dogs.

We also offer boarding, grooming, and dog daycare services to help you create the best environment for your pup. To learn more about our services or to sign up for training classes, please call (248) 363-6262.