Training your canine is one of the most important responsibilities of a dog owner. In order for your dog to become a functional member of your family, he or she must be taught basic commands. Proper dog training also makes it easier and safer for your pet to interact with other animals, both in your house and in the real world. Use this guide to find dog training classes in your area:

Look for Positive Reinforcement Trainers

When it comes to dog training philosophies, positive reinforcement training is a method that motivates a dog to behave a certain way with enjoyable rewards. Using treats, praise, and fun, positive reinforcement trainers give your dog an enjoyable way to learn. This method is not only humane, it is also gentle and effective. 

Create a Series of Questions

Finding a dog trainer that will work successfully with your canine companion depends a lot on personality. This list of potential questions can help you get to know a trainer to help you decide if he or she will be a good fit for your pup:

  • What are your credentials and certifications?
  • What is your training experience?
  • How do you begin when working with a new dog?
  • What do you love the most about working with animals?

The best trainers are those who can make others feel calm and comfortable in their presence, and that includes pet parents! Take some time to talk to the trainer to see if they make you feel good or on edge. 

Review Offered Dog Training Classes

Look at the types of classes offered by the trainer or training school. Do they offer they type of class you want? Will it fit your schedule? Is there a variety of classes offered if you want to continue your dog’s training? Do they offer the training format you want–class, private, drop-off, in-home? Do they offer classes tailored for dogs that are anxious or fearful? Determine what you want from a trainer and check to see that you can get everything you need. 

Watch Some Dog Training Classes

The best way to decide if a particular trainer is right for you is to see them in action. Ask if you can observe one or two classes or training sessions before you make your final decision. Pay attention to how the trainer interacts with the dogs. More importantly, however, pay close attention to how the dogs interact with the trainer. You can tell if the animals feel secure in their presence and if they seem eager to please. If the animals appear nervous, it could be a sign that this trainer is not the right fit. 

Make Sure You’ll Get Some Training Too

In order to give your dog the most effective training, it is important that you participate as well. Reinforcing training at home helps your dog really learn the commands. Trainers who include you in the process are committed to helping your dog learn what he or she needs to know. 

Get Recommendations for Dog Training Classes

Sometimes the best way to find the dog training classes you need is to ask people you know and trust. Your veterinary team is always a good resource when it comes to pet-related needs. Family and friends who have dogs could also have good suggestions.

When it comes to dog training classes in Waterford, the team at Union Lake Pet Services provides superior positive reinforcement training that motivates your dog to be eager to please. We believe that training should be a positive and fun experience for your dog. 

Our large team of trainers are certified and experienced, offering classes, private training, drop-off training and private training in your home. We offer a wide range of classes and goals, and have special training and even behavior modification training for our anxious “quirky” K9s. To learn more about our training services or to schedule a training for your dog, please call (248) 363-6262.