As a fellow animal lover, it would be difficult to see a lost pet and simply walk away. If you stumble upon an animal that appears to be lost, it is important to take steps to ensure the safety of both you and the animal. Union Lake Pet Services is here to help you get the happiest outcome if you find a lost pet.

Safely Contain the Pet

The first step to dealing with a lost pet is to contain it as safely as possible. If you spot a dog, it is important to find a leash, a rope, or a belt that you can use as a lead. Cat carriers can help you safely contain a nervous kitty who might try to ward you off with some sharp claws. A heavy pair of gloves or a towel can help protect your hands.

In order to safely contain a pet, you should:

  • Approach the animal slowly
  • Speak in calm, soothing tones
  • Use food or treats to try to gain their trust
  • Avoid any sudden movements that could scare the animal
  • If you cannot safely approach the animal, call animal control for some assistance

Check for Identification

If the animal escaped from a nearby backyard, there is a chance he or she might be wearing identification. Once you secure the animal, see if you can find an ID tag that gives you an owner’s name and/or phone number. If you do not see a collar or tag, take the animal to a local veterinarian or shelter so they can scan for a microchip.

Find a Lost Pet and Spread the Word

Take a picture of the animal and post it on social media. Share it on your own pages and neighborhood groups to see if anyone knows where the animal lives. You can also print flyers to hang around the neighborhood. The more people who see the animal, the likelier it is that you can find their home.

Bring the Lost Pet to the Shelter

If you have had no luck with your search for the animal’s owners, it might be time to take him to the animal shelter. They can create a “found” report with the animal’s breed, size, age, and coloring. If the owners are searching for their pet, they will probably check out the animal shelter. A shelter is also a safe place for the animal to stay while the owner has a chance to be reunited with their beloved dog or cat.

Talk About Adoption

Sometimes owners never resurface. If you have created a bond with the animal while attempting to find its owner, you might want to consider adoption. Talk to the shelter about their adoption process and when you can step in to care for the animal.

Union Lake Pet Services makes it easy to care for pets in and around Waterford. With our extensive list of care services, including boarding, training, and grooming, we make it easy to give pets the quality of life they deserve. Call (248) 363-6262 to learn more.