You’re adopting a new puppy–congratulations! Here are 10 things to buy for a new puppy before bringing them home. If you are about to adopt a new puppy to fill your home with love and cuteness, there are things we advise buying ahead of time. Like prepping for a baby, puppies have basic items they need to help them grow into a healthy, happy, well-behaved dog. You might be wondering exactly what you need upfront in order to get your puppy off on the right paw.

Your team at Union Lake Pet Services knows how excited your household must be in preparation for the adorable bundle of joy. Here are the things to buy for a new puppy before bringing them home.

10 Things to Buy for a New Puppy

Like most enthusiastic new puppy owners, you probably want to get as many things as you can to get your little one established. From chew toys to beds, training treats to leashes, bowls, but where do you even start!

To help you, here are 10 items that are a must.

1. Harness and Leash – Safety is top priority with precocious puppies. To keep them safe as you head out the door, they will need a harness and leash. We recommend a harness since your puppy will naturally pull at first. This allows better control and safety for your new doggie.

2. Carrier or Crate – When bringing your puppy home, you will need a carrier or crate that can be buckled into the back seat. Crates are an excellent way to introduce house training and give your pet a little den of their own within your home. They’re also indispensable when traveling with your Fido. Make sure the crate isn’t too large but big enough for them to move around comfortably in. Here is a guide to crate training a new puppy.

3. Collar and ID Tags – Hopefully, your puppy will already have their microchip, which we highly recommend to keep them from becoming lost or missing. Along with a microchip, buy them a sturdy, well-fitted collar with tags that display your contact information should they become lost.

4. Food and Water Bowls – We suggest bowls that have a non-skid surface and are durable and easy for your puppy to reach. Cat bowls are also a good choice for your puppy because they are the right size for smaller pets. As your puppy grows, you can swap them out for adult-sized bowls that have the correct size and depth for their breed.

5. Food and Treats – Choosing the right puppy food is integral to your growing one’s good health and development. Make sure the food you choose is formulated for puppies. Small treats are a good tool for training your puppy to potty outside and learn the rules of the home. Have some small treats on hand for rewards each time they follow your commands.

6. Puppy Pads, Poo Bags, and Cleaning Supplies – During the first few months, there will be plenty of accidents around the home. Some pet owners rely on puppy pads as an indoor solution to your puppy’s potty needs, while others get them started outdoors right away. To clean up any accidents, make sure to use an enzyme-based cleaner that eliminates odor to avoid repeat accidents in the same spot.

7. Chew Toys – Puppies have the desire to chew nonstop, whether that’s the carpet, your shoe, or better yet, a toy. Find several chew toys that are made for puppy teething, such as small Nylabones and Kongs. Always have plenty of chew toys on hand that you can quickly give them when they chew on something they shouldn’t.

8. Bed – One of the things to buy for a new puppy is a good bed and some blankets. This will keep them warm and cozy, and give them a place to nap in their crate. Choose a bed for puppies that is sturdy and not easily torn apart (as many puppies like to do).

9. Grooming Supplies – Your puppy will get into many things, sometimes muddy things. Have on hand a good shampoo for puppies as well as a brush and nail clippers. Those toenails can be sharp when they are playing on your lap, so keep them at a good length. If you are unsure how to do this, don’t hesitate to ask for a demonstration.

10. Coat and Sweaters – As the cold season is upon us, make sure to have a good coat and some sweaters for your little one. This is necessary if you go outdoors during inclement weather and when the temperature drops. Sweaters can be a good choice on cold mornings at home, too. There are many adorable outfits to choose from.

Obviously, you can continue to add to this list, including toys, games and snuffle mats, dog playpens and gates, and on and on. These 10 indispensable things to buy for a new puppy can get you off to a good start.

Call us if you would like additional suggestions for what will benefit your new puppy. We can’t wait to meet them!