Do you have to hold your dog back when someone comes to your house? Is there barking and chaos anytime the doorbell rings? Has a guest left with dirty paw prints on their clothes? 

If you do not want your dog jumping all over someone who comes to visit, it will require a little bit of training. Luckily, Union Lake Pet Services is here to help. Follow these tips to train your dog to greet visitors:

Use Yourself as a Starting Point

Dogs learn best with consistency. Even if you love your dog jumping up in excitement when you get home, it is not the best behavior to encourage. If you want your dog to greet visitors calmly, you should train him or her how to do it with you. As you get home, give your dog the command to “sit” and to “stay.” Do not give him attention until he obeys. This means you should neither repeat the command nor reprimand him for not listening to it. Simply ignore him until he follows your instructions. Once the dog listens, you can praise him and greet him. You might have to practice this a few times until he has it down.

Work on Entering Politely

Training your dog to enter the house politely can also help you teach your dog to greet a person calmly. Have her sit near the front or back door upon coming inside. Do not give her the okay to move farther into the house until she is sitting and waiting for her next command. You should also avoid greeting her until she listens. Once she is sitting and calm, you can praise her, greet her, and let her come inside. This will help her associate a calm entrance with a positive reward. 

Enlist Your Friends as Visitors

Once your dog has mastered these two scenarios, it is time to try with a guest. Ask a friend to come to your house and either knock on the door or ring the doorbell. Instruct your dog to sit down in front of the door. Do not walk toward the door until your dog is listening. Once he is obeying, you should:

  • Praise him before opening the door
  • Instruct him to stay seated as your friend enters the house
  • Let your friend greet him with some pats and calm talk
  • Keep your dog sitting as your friend walks in to sit on the couch
  • Invite your dog to join you once you are both seated

As with any training, it might take some time for your dog to learn this new skill. Have a few different friends or family members come by to test it out. You should also command your dog to sit when you meet visitors on walks. Once seated, the new person can calmly greet your dog.

If you need a little help to train your dog to greet visitors, Union Lake Pet Services is here for you. Our training philosophy combines positive reinforcement, guidance, and fun. We also offer boarding, grooming, and daycare services. To learn more about how we can help your dog, please call (248) 363-6262.