There’s something deeply satisfying about having a well-trained dog for a companion. Indeed, proper and humane obedience training can serve as the cornerstone for a lifetime of fun, companionship, and bonding for you and your pooch. But when challenging dog behavior issues crop up (as they so often do), it helps to be ready to recognize them and to have a plan in place ahead of time.

Common Dog Behavior Issues

Some of the most common dog behavior issues actually start as normal behaviors for most puppies. In order to become a well-rounded member of a human family, however, some of these behaviors may need adjustment as your  dog matures, including:

  • Jumping – Jumping up on visitors or family members is generally the result of excitement, but it may also happen when a dog wants attention, food, or something else.
  • Chewing – Chewing is normal for dogs, but problems can arise when it becomes destructive (shoes, furniture, other household items).
  • Play biting – Puppies play bite each other as part of their socialization process, but those sharp little (or big) teeth can hurt.
  • Getting on counters or furniture – Many dogs love to sleep or play on furniture, or may jump up to counters in an attempt to reach food or other objects of interest.
  • Guarding – Improper socialization can lead to aggressive guarding of food, toys, or even people.
  • Aggression – Aggression toward people or other animals tends to come from fear and can quickly become dangerous if not managed properly.

ULPS Can Help!

Union Lake Pet Services is proud to offer professional, ethical training services for dogs of all ages. Our trainers have been certified through the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior and are experienced in working with dogs of all ages and behavioral abilities. Many of these behaviors can be modified through early socialization and training.

Besides our popular Puppy Preschool and basic obedience courses, ULPS also offers a Quirky K9s class for dogs that are reactive to people or other dogs, or are otherwise socially improper. We also offer private, in-home training for dogs with behavioral needs that require more attention than our group classes or training in our facility can offer. Dr. Hawker at Union Lake Pet Services offers behavioral medicine that integrates a multi-modal approach including behavior modification and medications to help dogs with severe challenges.

Best Friends Forever

Proper training, done in an ethical way, provides the cornerstone for a wonderful relationship with your dog. Along with early socialization and consistent training, there are plenty of ways you can reinforce your dog’s excellent behavior:

  • Daily, vigorous exercise to work off excess energy
  • Plenty of mental stimulation in the form of sturdy toys, food puzzles, and games like fetch or tug of war
  • A high quality, nutritious diet
  • Regular wellness exams to make sure there are no underlying health issues that could be affecting behavior
  • Lots of love and affection

We want your dog to be a successful member of your family! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the staff at ULPS with your questions and concerns.