Training a puppy is full of the unexpected and plenty of challenges, but it can be more fun with the use of puppy training games. There are a variety of ways you can use creativity and fun to inspire your young pup to learn. Teaching your youngster the skills needed to become a well-behaved adult is a priority, but it can also be fun.

Your friends at Union Lake Pet Services are here to give you enjoyable puppy games that teach your pup a variety of useful skills. 

4 Fun Puppy Training Games

Interactive games make training more successful and enjoyable for your dog. They help keep your puppy’s attention and focus, and the whole family can also get into the games. Here are a few of our favorite puppy training games.

1. Come Game The basics of obedience training first include cues, a cue is something that we want to ask them to do and what cue is more important than “come”? Training your puppy to respond to your cue is a difficult task, but once mastered, they will be much safer and confident as they develop into an adult. Use a tiny treat or toy, and place your puppy a few feet away. Show them the reward while saying “come”. When they do come, immediately reward them.

A more advanced version of the game is to get the puppy to go to each family member. Using different rewards, have each person call your puppy with the same “come” cue, taking turns. When the puppy responds to the cue, exuberantly give them verbal reward and praise.

2. Find It Game Games that involve a dog’s nose skills are fantastic for them, because that is a sense they very much rely on. Hide various treats or toys in different locations (that are relatively easy to find). Tell your pup to “go find it” and let them get the hang of using their nose to find the items while better learning.

The benefits of teaching your dog nose sleuthing tricks is that it encourages better confidence in your puppy, develops focus, and strengthens the bond between you two. This game, while seeming only like a game, really contributes to teaching your pet other basic training skills.

3. Follow Me Game This game gets your puppy used to walking on a leash comfortably so that when they are fully vaccinated, they can get out and about with you. To teach your pet this game:

  • Set your puppy up with a leash and collar or harness that is the right fit. 
  • With treats in your pocket, walk in any direction with your puppy. When they reach you, give them a treat.
  • Turn in a different direction, and repeat.
  • If they pull away or try to go ahead, stop and turn in the opposite direction.
  • Reward with a treat and verbal praise when your pet follows you.

4. The Drop It Game Most dog owners lament when their furry canine chomps down on something and refuses to drop or give it. To practice this game with your puppy, select a few highly valued items, like favorite new toys, treats, and teething chews. Toss a toy on the floor and pick up a better toy in your other hand. While your puppy picks up the first toy, present the second treat or toy and say, “drop it” when they come for it. Repeat this process until they respond to the cue, “drop it”.

If you are consistent with these puppy games, your pet will be better positioned to advance with other training sessions. They are mentally and physically enriching to a growing puppy plus they create a deeper bond between you and your furry one.

Do you have any challenging and fun puppy training games you have tried? Tell us about it on our Facebook page or when you visit for your puppy’s wellness examination. Please call us with your pet-related questions or for any of our pet services (dog daycare, pet boarding, pet grooming and dog training). Have fun!