Dogs are sociable creatures. They enjoy interaction and play, just as much as any rambunctious kid. It’s been tough for our fur kids to get quality socialization time in the last months. If your dog needs some time with other dogs, or if you are currently teaching your pup how to play with other dogs in a safe and supervised way, we are excited to tell you more about dog daycare at Union Lake Pet Services (ULPS). In fact, we are all wags about it!

The Advantages of Enrolling in Dog Daycare

In our busy day and age, it is tough to manage an 8+ hour work day, obligations, and other time constraints, on top of making sure our dogs get socialization. This is where daycare can shine. ULPS daycare is a fun day of socialization and exercise for your dog! We make sure that your dog is safe, happy and comfortable here. 

Socialization is a key component of raising a well-behaved dog. Interacting with their peers keeps them from becoming lonely and bored. And, we all know what a bored doggo can get into.

Here are seven great benefits of enrolling your dog in doggy daycare.

  1. It gives your pet extra exercise – Daycare is a great place to get your pup moving and playing with other well socialized pups and daycare staff.
  2. It keeps your pet from being lonely – Dogs love interaction and can become bored and destructive when they spend time alone. Daycare remedies this concern and brings so much joy to your dog’s day.
  3. You don’t need to rush to get back home – There are times when you need to spend longer hours at the office, or have after school obligations. With daycare, you know someone is taking great care of your bestie on your behalf.
  4. Your dog will make best friends – Dogs truly thrive when they can interact with their peers. Having fun with other dogs is what daycare is all about!
  5. Other services are available at hand – With daycare, it is a one stop shop for all other pet services needs, from grooming and training, to a visit with your veterinarian.
  6. You won’t have strangers in your home – Instead of hiring a pet sitter or dog walker to come into the home, daycare reduces the problem of lack of privacy and security. Having strangers in the home is especially important to avoid during a pandemic.
  7. Your dog will get all the love – Pets require lots of interaction and opportunities for play to be at their best. Our team will give your doggo tons of attention, just like they deserve!

Introduction to Dog Daycare at ULPS

If your dog has been giving you those big lonesome eyes, or you are concerned about them being alone so much, dog daycare is the perfect choice. At Union Lake, your dog will be matched with their very own certified trainer the first day to help them start off right. 

A trainer will work with your dog throughout the day, introducing them to ULPS and the staff, and slowly introducing them to dogs their age, size & temperament. Our goal is to not force daycare on them but to let them get comfortable in their own timing. During Daycare Intro, you will receive an email early in the day with a link to photos and videos of your dog. At the end of your dog’s Intro day, you will meet one-on-one with their trainer and hear all about their day. 

Our single Intro Day is currently $37.50 and our 3-day Intro package is $99. Dogs that have never been to doggy daycare, or who aren’t as comfortable meeting other dogs, can benefit from our 3-day Starter Package at a reduced rate. Over 3 days within a 1-month period, a trainer will slowly and gradually introduce your dog to other dogs and assess their comfort. We make sure your dog is truly comfortable with us and with other dogs and let them discover the fun and benefits of our daycare services. At the end of the 3 days, if your dog enjoys the daycare experience, you will receive 2 FREE additional days of daycare–that’s a full 5 days of doggy daycare for just $99.

Our slow and safe introduction gives your dog the confidence to acclimate and thrive in a daycare environment. Your pet will enjoy individual and group attention and playtime, as well as have access to our one-acre, fenced in outdoor space.  

We welcome you to call us to schedule a tour and learn more about dog daycare at ULPS. We can’t wait to see you and your furry friend!