calm dog needs the right environment and routine. They also require training to understand how to react in different situations—including remaining calm. Our dogs are sweet, adoring creatures who love to show their humans just how much they care for them. While they often have gentle temperaments, they are still animals and can behave unpredictably. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your dog behaves in any scenario. These tips from Union Lake Pet Services can help you raise a calm dog:

Remove Stress Where Possible

Dogs feed off the energy of their environment. A great place to start when trying to raise a calm dog is to create a calm home environment. Try to avoid playing loud television shows or music that can be overstimulating. Do what you can to remain calm yourself. The more nervous and anxious you are, the more anxious and nervous your dog will be. Use positive reinforcement with your dog and try to always consult him in a calm, encouraging tone. Create a space that feels safe and comfortable for your dog so he or she can truly relax. 

Use Exercise

Exercise is a great way to burn off excess energy that could negatively affect a dog’s personality. It is important to understand the exercise needs of your specific dog. Talk to your veterinarian about how much physical activity your pet requires in a day. Getting the proper amount of exercise is a great way to encourage your dog to stay calm for long periods of time. Physical activities like walking, playing fetch, or going to the park can help your dog stay calm and content. 

Create a Routine

Dogs respond well to routines. If you are trying to raise a calm dog, it is incredibly important to create a stable routine as a foundation. The nature of a stable routine can make your dog feel calm. When they know what to expect, they already know how to react. Stick as close to a regular schedule as you can. This includes feeding, walking, and playing at similar times each day. If your workday is really unpredictable, you might want to consider dog daycare to give your pup this consistency with their routine.

Training for a Calm Dog

Training your dog how to follow basic commands (sit, stay, come, etc.) is an important step to raising a calm pup. It is important for dogs to know what is expected of them in order for them to understand how to act and how to respond to the world around them. Training sessions are also mental stimulation for your dog. Just as physical exercise can help dogs stay calm, keeping them focused mentally can also help. 

Union Lake Pet Services offers training, daycare, and boarding services to help you with raising a calm dog. Our team is here to improve the lives of pets and their owners through professional, compassionate care. Call (248) 363-6262 to learn more or to sign your pet up for one of our services. It is our honor to help you with your pet care needs.