Is there anything cuter than an interspecies friendship? Animals that have no need to feel loyal to one another sharing an unbreakable bond teach us what it means to be loving and kind. Here are four cat and dog friendship stories that can show us all a little bit more about what it means to love unconditionally. It’s more important than ever to remember to love your neighbor, and these stories can help us find our way back to compassion.

Chloe and Chlea

Chloe is a beagle with a big heart. She and her bunny pal Rue were best friends, and it devastated Chloe when Rue passed away. Chloe’s mom knew she had to do something, so she adopted Chlea, a sweet gray and white cat who kind of thinks she’s a dog. Chloe and Chlea were close from the start, and today they are inseparable. They go for walks on leashes, had an adventure together in a pumpkin patch, and have posed for countless photo shoots together. Chloe and Chlea are truly two peas in a pod.

Jessie and Koda

Jessie the dog thought he had the perfect life until he met his future cat sibling Koda. Koda was at once obsessed with Jessie and wanted to be best friends from the start. Jessie took a little more time to warm up to this new, weird creature. Now the pair does everything together, and Koda even demands to be carried on Jessie’s back as they enjoy outdoor adventures together. These two best friends are the epitome of what friendship really means. 

Andie and Flearoy 

Andie the cat and Flearoy the dog lived together with three other cats in a home in Georgia until their owner died. When they got to the shelter, they were covered in fleas and needed a lot of medical attention. The three other cats got adopted, but Andie and Flearoy soon found each other again and refused to leave each other’s sides. The kind shelter workers let them stay together in the office, and, luckily, they were adopted by the same family. Today they enjoy a happy life with their human and animal siblings. 

Watson, Kiko, and Harry

Watson and Kiko are two golden retrievers who are completely obsessed with their best friend, Harry the cat. Some of their sweetest moments are captured on their Instagram page. From daily cuddles to nap sessions and adventures around the house, these three best friends are truly living the life. They love living together and playing together, and their bond is one that we can all learn from.

We hope these cat and dog friendship stories help you see that someone you think you can’t be friends with can instead become your ride-or-die bestie.  

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