If your pet was spoiled with your 24-7 attention during the pandemic, they might not appreciate your new back-to-work schedule. Dogs with high energy require plenty of exercise and attention each day for great health and good behavior. When you work long hours, though, you may not be able to give them enough time. This is where doggie daycare comes in.

Doggie daycare is a wonderful option for dogs who enjoy the extra attention, play, and socialization. In order to help you in choosing the best doggie daycare, your friends at Union Lake Pet Services have some tips.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Doggie Daycare

Like any other business, it is essential to do research on possible daycares for your best friend. The first order of business is to know your dog and its needs. Do they need a lot of space to run, for example? Or, do they need more private time with a trainer? These are important factors to take into consideration.

Here are some of the key tips to help you scout out the perfect daycare for your pooch.

  1. Get referrals and read reviews – Reading review sites like Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, and others will give you some insight into the daycares you are considering. Ask friends, neighbors, and neighborhood sites, like Next Door, for recommendations. Many facilities are happy to have you connect with current and former clients for their opinion, too.
  2. Request a tour – A good way to find the right match for your pet is to take a tour of the daycares that you’re considering. Most reputable daycares and pet resorts are more than happy to accommodate this request. While there, make sure to look at the parking area, lobby, and outdoor exercise areas for their safety and cleanliness.
  3. Ask the right questions – There are several factors that go into choosing the perfect daycare for your pet. The important thing to finding the “one” is to ask many questions that are pertinent to your dog’s needs. Some things you might consider asking about are:
  4. Do a brief trial – Once you have decided on a few daycares that meet your requirements, you can do a short stay or intro session, rather than leaving your dog the whole day, and before buying a package or monthly service. Call the daycare while your dog is there to see how they are doing and how responsive the facility is to your concerns. Once home, assess your bestie’s behavior. Are they tense or agitated, or more relaxed and at ease?
    • How long have they been in operation?
    • How do they deal with pet emergencies?
    • What training is required for the staff?
    • How much one-on-one time does my dog get?
    • What add-on services, such as grooming or boarding, are offered there?
    • What is the daily schedule?
    • What vaccines do they require?
  5. Stay in the loop – The best way to ensure that your furry friend’s getting great results from their time at daycare is to stay involved. Ask questions and never hesitate to address concerns. Get on their mailing list and follow their social media, so you are abreast of any news or updates. Give feedback and stay alert to any changes in your pet’s doggie daycare results. The point is to give your pet a great experience while keeping exercise and socialization top of mind.

At Union Lake Pet Services’ Doggie Daycare, we provide all the training, socialization, personal time, group activities, and other important elements of top-notch doggie daycare. We would love for you and your pup to come in for a tour or experience a fun-filled day with us as part of choosing the best doggie daycare. Check out our Daycare FAQs or call us for more information or to schedule a visit!