Is there anything cuter than a pet in a costume? As we inch closer to Halloween, now is the time to start thinking about costumes for pets so you are ready for the big day. At Union Lake Pet Services, we always recommend costumes that fit well, are comfortable for the animal, and do not restrict vision, breathing, or movement. Here are some of our favorite DIY dog Halloween costumes:

Which Witch Is Which?

The witch costume is a go-to favorite for a reason. It is simple to put together, very fitting for Halloween, and brings an instant cuteness factor. There are a huge variety of witch hat patterns available on the internet. Simply find the one you want, print it on some felt, and glue it into a hat shape. You can be as simple or as ambitious with your hat creation, which makes this a friendly DIY costume even for novices. Print out the pattern on a larger fabric to make yourself a matching hat.

Dancing Queen 

If you happen to have an extra tiara lying around, you should definitely consider using it to create a homemade ballerina costume for your pup. Pair it with a kid’s tutu, and leg warmers (that you can easily create from a pair of socks or gloves). Just use caution: this costume is almost too cute for words, and might make it hard to focus on anything else. 

Fairest Fairy of Them All

You already know your dog is magic, and a fairy costume can help everyone else see it, too. Just whip up some homemade wings and a colorful outfit, and your pup is ready to enchant everyone. You just need some cardboard, some craft supplies, and an outfit that affixes under the belly to make this costume an adorable reality.

Yes, Chef

Help your dog cook up some adoration this Halloween with an easy-to-do chef costume. All you need is a little chef hat and a colorful bandana, and viola! You have a whole assortment of cuteness on your hands. 

Business Dog-sual 

If your dog is the boss around your house, why not show it off this Halloween? All you need to create an adog-able business costume is a tie, a shirt collar, and some shirt cuffs. If you are feeling really ambitious, you can use your sewing machine to create a tiny blazer. We cannot promise that this costume will not immediately go to your dog’s head, however. 

Puppicino DIY Dog Halloween Costume

A DIY dog Halloween costume has never looked as good as a puppicino costume for your dog. It can be as simple as cutting cardboard into the shape of a cup, or as detailed as sewing a cup-like outfit. Whatever you decide, be sure to include a cup cover (aka a hat). And you might want to think about getting your dog an actual puppicino for being such a great sport.

The staff at Union Lake Pet Services is here to help you and your pet enjoy a happy life together. From training to boarding and doggy daycare, we provide services to enhance your best moments. To learn more, please call (248) 363-6262. If you are planning to dress up your pet this Halloween, we ask that you do it safely…and please send us some pictures!