Do You Want to Help Animal Shelters? You Can…From Home!

Most animal lovers would be happy to devote hours each week to helping cats and dogs in need, but it can be very difficult squeezing in volunteer time. Between hectic work schedules, ongoing activities, and other demands, volunteerism is commonly relegated to the backburner. Don’t feel guilty! There are several great ways you can still lend your skills and time to help animal shelters – and you don’t even have to leave the house!


Follow Your Nose: Essential Oil Use in Pets

Essential Oil Use in PetsAh, the sweet, calming smell of lavender, or the energizing, fresh scent of lemon. Aromatherapy is a popular and widely used method of relaxation and rejuvenation for many of us. The benefits of aromatherapy use has been widely touted, and essential oil use in different applications, including on skin, has been gaining popularity as well.

What about essential oils and aromatherapy for our pets? Do the benefits we receive also apply to them? In this post, Union Lake Pet Services explores essential oil use in pets and gives some tips on how to safely use them.


Chew on This: Not All Dental Chews are Created Equal

When it comes to our pet’s dental health, one of the easiest things to do is to give dental chews, treats, and bones. It’s fun to treat our pets with something they love, and it’s common knowledge that these help to keep our pet’s teeth clean…or do they? Is this assumption an urban legend or fact?

The expert team at Union Lake Pet Services has the inside scoop on dental chews and treats. We found that not all are created equal. What’s more, some of them can actually cause harm to your pet.


Pawsome Gifts for the Cat Lovers in Your Life

There has never been a better time to be a cat lover. Not only are cats receiving better care than ever before – and living longer lives – but there is a world of choice when it comes to gifts for the  people who care for them. If you’re looking for useful items, decor, clothing, gadgets, and more, the fellow cat lovers on your list are lucky. But with millions of potential choices, how do you decide what to buy?


Herding Cats: The Cats in Circles Phenomenon

cats in circlesHave you ever noticed that your cat will find something – anything – that’s a circular shape to lie or sit in? What’s the deal? Does your kitty recognize the circle shape, or is this evidence that cats are waiting for the Mother Ship’s return?

No matter how strange, there is a real phenomenon at work. The internet exploded recently with pictures and posts of cats in circles made out of everything from tape on the floor, to shoes, to bananas. No one truly knows the answer to why cats are drawn to circles, but the team at Union Lake Pet Services explored some theories, and here are a few of the possibilities.


A Different Approach:  Alternative Therapies for Pets

alternative pet therapiesWhen you hear about alternative therapies, you may associate the term with mystery and voodoo. The fact is that Union Lake Veterinary Hospital uses alternative therapies for pets on a daily basis.  These scientifically-founded options help us provide the best and most comprehensive treatment for pets in our care.


Sit, Ubu, Sit: Dog Behavior Modification vs. Obedience

dog behavior modificationWhen you bring a dog into your life, you’ve probably spent plenty of time imagining delightful walks in the park, games of frisbee in the backyard, and naps together in front of the fire. Many of us also want a dog who will play well with kids and get along with guests, while still alerting us to the presence of intruders or other dangers.

These dreams fall short when our new pet struggles with anxiety, fear or aggression. While a lack of basic skills and poor impulse control can contribute to undesirable behavior, the problems sometimes go deeper than that. Most aggression stems from fear and, just as with humans, some dogs are naturally more anxious. Understanding when your pet needs behavior modification vs. obedience training is key to a happy and harmonious life with man’s best friend.


The Wonderful World of Winter Pet Grooming

winter pet groomingWinter has arrived, and for many of us the urge to stay indoors and snuggle up is strong. Pets spend more time inside during the cold months too, so it’s easy to assume that we are off the hook as far as pet grooming is concerned.

As it turns out, winter pet grooming should not be ignored and is just as necessary (if not more so) than grooming during the spring and summer months.


Improve Your Dog’s Impulse Control For Increased Safety and Fun

dogs impulse controlThe word “impulse” refers to the strong urge to act upon a whim, and people with poor impulse control can have a tendency to make poor decisions when it comes to their health and safety. Dog owners who deal with pets that jump up on anyone who walks in the door, race out of the house or car door the second it’s opened, or snatch food off the counter are intimately familiar with poor impulse control in their pet and the ways in which it negatively affects the lives of everyone in the household.

Good Dogs Gone Bad:  Are You the Source of Bad Pet Behavior?

bad pet behaviorDog may be man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean that our canine (and feline) housemates are angels. In fact, most people will admit to their pets having some less than desirable habits.

Have you ever stopped to think, though, that maybe you are the root of bad pet behavior? Most of our pet problems stem from mistakes we have made as pet owners. Union Lake Pet Services knows that you want to be the best pet parent you can be, and so we have included all the information you need to banish bad pet behavior for good.