Sociable dogs find plenty to love about a trip to the dog park. Besides getting some much-needed fresh air, dog parks are a great way to encourage socialization and healthy exercise for your four-legged friend. The benefits of the dog park extend to pet owners as well, by giving you the opportunity to bond with your pet, practice off-leash training skills, and connect with other local dog owners and animal lovers.

It’s a win-win!

Before you and your pooch hit the park this spring, or just getting outside in the neighborhood, make sure you take a moment to bone up on a few dog park safety tips from your friends at Union Lake Pet Services!

Dog Park Safety 101

Keep the following precautions in mind to maintain the safety and fun for all who use the dog park:

  • For your dog’s protection, make sure he or she is fully vaccinated and at least 6 months of age before heading to the dog park.
  • If your dog has yet to learn basic obedience commands or has not been properly socialized, avoid the dog park until this has been addressed, preferably through a professional obedience/socialization class.
  • Take a moment to observe the other dogs in the park and how they are interacting with each other before entering with your dog.
  • Monitor your dog’s whereabouts at all times while in the park (keep your phone in your pocket, please).
  • If your dog is extra anxious or does not seem to enjoy socializing with other dogs, a dog park may not be your best choice for exercise and play.
  • If you have a puppy or small breed dog, choose a park with a separate, fenced-in area reserved for smaller dogs.
  • Leave food and your dog’s favorite toys at home to avoid potential fights and guarding behaviors.
  • Always clean up and dispose of your dog’s waste.

Pay close attention to the body language of your dog and other dogs in the park. Don’t be afraid to intervene or remove your dog from the park if you notice anxious or aggressive behavior, whether from your pet or another dog. Review our tips for safely approaching a dog, if necessary.

Obedience Training At Union Lake Pet Services

At Union Lake Pet Services, we believe a well-trained and socialized dog is a happy dog. Dogs who know how to properly respond to their owners, and who are comfortable around other animals, are able to safely participate in activities and adventures with their human families, while posing a much lower risk to themselves and to others.

Whether your dog is a puppy, or a pup at heart who needs a tune-up in the manners department, ULVH is here to help. Our puppy preschool class is the perfect venue for your youngster to experience healthy socialization and training in a safe setting. Puppies and adult dogs can benefit from our positive-reinforcement obedience training, which covers important life skills such as learning to walk on a leash.

If you have any questions regarding our obedience training courses, or would like to give one of them a try, give us a call today!