Most pet owners know the struggle, and it is real. Can I ever go to the bathroom without having Fido in my face? Dogs that follow their humans everywhere are, in fact, the grand majority. It may be endearing when they follow you to the kitchen or backyard, or even when they insist on staying under the desk as you work. But the loo? Really?

If you are asking yourself, why does my dog follow me to the bathroom, we may offer some help. No, we won’t come over and get them out, but we will tell you a bit about why they do it. Read on to learn more!

Why Do They Do It?

Our zany canines offer nothing less than their most unusual antics. And isn’t that why we love them? Some of their mysteries, though, can easily be explained by their species and where they began. 

1. Pack mentality – A big reason why your pet wants to be with you at all costs is the fact that dogs are a pack-oriented species. To them and their wild predecessors, staying together means survival. Dogs and wolves hunt together, play together, sleep together, and do pretty much everything as a group. This level of pack order helps them develop, ensure their access to food and mates, and so on. 

2. Guarding – Your dog adores you and wants nothing more than to make sure you are safe. This unconditional devotion can mean that they need to be there in order to protect you from outside threats (not like there is any likelihood of someone lurking in the bathroom, but hey, anything can happen). To them, guarding you is an extension of their pack mentality. If they are resource guarding you out of separation anxiety or fear, though, that needs to be addressed as a behavior issue. 

 3. No concept of alone time – No canine understands the human need for space and privacy. To them, this is like forgoing safety. We have to understand the world from their eyes, rather than throwing up our hands with impatience each time our dogs follow us around. They’re being their natural, loving doggie selves.

 4. Simple curiosity – Let’s face it, dogs are curious about everything. New toys, treats, sights, sounds, and most importantly, whatever it is you are up to. If you go to a new room, maybe there’s something in it for them? Maybe there is a new adventure awaiting, so they must go, you know? Dogs are curious, like most pets, and the idea of you being in the bathroom may just pique their natural curiosity.

My Dog Follows Me to the Bathroom: Now What?

If your dog is coming into the bathroom, the easiest solution is to just close the door. If a door is open while you’re occupying the room, your pup will likely intrude on the scene. It’s a matter of changing your habit when going into the bathroom. You can ease your pet’s mind by telling them to sit outside the door, that you’d “be right back”, and then reward them with a pat, praise, or small treat. This will usually give them a reason to stay seated and patient.

If your pet is suddenly following you around and to the bathroom, there are a few things to consider:

  • Have you been spending enough time with them for enrichment, attention, and exercise
  • Is there something in the bathroom that they like, like a plant, the water faucet, etc?
  • Do you think they are in pain? Many pets will follow their owner when they are ill or have pain, so call and have them examined by your veterinarian for peace of mind.
  • Have there been any major changes, such as a move or a new baby that makes them feel less secure?
  • Are they having other behavioral problems?

Why Does My Dog Follow Me to the Bathroom?

If your dog is showing more attention to you than before or has other problem behaviors, call us. Sometimes clinginess can indicate a health or behavior problem, which needs veterinary attention.

If you have any questions about your static-cling pup, do not hesitate to call the team at Union Lake Pet Services