Why does my cat sleep on top of me? If you have wondered about this, you are not alone. Many cat lovers ask this same question. 

If you are the proud cat parent of an adorable feline, you probably already know most of your cat’s tendencies. Like how they love to “make biscuits” on your lap, spend an inordinate amount of time self-grooming, and adore napping in their favorite sunny spot. Another cat behavior is how much they like to sleep on top of us. Union Lake Pet Services is here with some answers about why cats do that!

1. The Warmth Factor

As we mentioned before, cats like to seek out sunny spots to slumber, but they also enjoy a cushy blanket or your lap, which is also a warm place to sleep. The temperature receptors on cats, especially around the face, are highly attuned to heat or warmth. By seeking out your lap, spots near the window where the sun streams through, or (unfortunately) the top of your head, their body doesn’t have to work as hard.

This is a great benefit for cats in the wild, who are also seen lounging about in the sunshine and seeking other warm, cozy spots.

2. You Are the Protector

Cats are natural predators, which is why, when they nap, it is more frequently light naps. Cats always have to be ready to move quickly if they need to. Whether they are evading a possible predator or on the prowl for prey. 

Yes, wild cats are top predators, but all wildlife must keep a low profile to avoid surprise attacks. As youngsters, cats learn that their mother is the protector and one to hang out with for safety. Since they view you as the King or Queen of the household, they naturally want to sleep near what they think of as the best protection from any threat. 

3. They’re Bonding with You

When your cat sleeps on top of you, they are increasing the bond you share. This closeness gives them extra opportunities to be petted and scratched. Cats are not at all aloof, but enjoy the closeness of their favorite person, which is why they choose to slumber with you. In fact, this form of affection releases the hormone oxytocin, which causes relaxation, bonding, and pleasure in humans and animals alike.

4. You Become Territory

Felines have an instinct to mark their territory using the scent glands, particularly found around their cheeks, mouth, and forehead. This is why most cats will “headbutt” you when they are getting attention, purring all the while. 

Sleeping with you is a form of marking you as their person and no one else’s! 

Thoughts About Why Does My Cat Sleep on Top of Me

If you have any other ideas about why your cat sleeps on top of you, or funny stories about it, we’d love to hear about it. Comment on our Facebook page or mention it to us the next time your fur friend visits us for grooming.