Why do dogs dislike some people? It could be one or a combination of elements that makes your dog uncomfortable. Here’s what could put your dog off someone.

Why do dogs dislike some people? Pets seem to have a sixth sense about a person’s true personality–even dogs who love almost everyone. They may come into contact with a stranger who makes them feel uncomfortable, which could even lead them to display aggressive behaviors.

There are quite a few reasons why a dog might dislike someone they’ve just met. Your friends at Union Lake Pet Services want to help you delve deep into some of the causes of a dog not immediately accepting a new person.

They Dislike the Way they Sound

Dogs make immediate judgments on people based largely on the tone and sound of their voices. If someone approaches a dog with a high-pitched, excited tone, the dog will usually reciprocate the sentiment. If a person uses an angry or very low tone around the dog, however, he will become defensive and untrusting. If someone new is meeting your dog, you might want to encourage them to use an excited tone on their first meeting.

They Dislike the Way they Move

Canines communicate a lot through body language, so while they are listening to someone’s tone of voice, they will also be checking out their body language. In the animal kingdom, direct eye contact is actually a sign of dominance, which can make your pup feel threatened. People using big arm movements or trying to be too physical with the dog can make her feel nervous, which will negatively affect her opinion of the person. New people should avoid looking directly into a dog’s eyes or using big movements until they both feel comfortable with each other.

They Dislike the Way they Act

Dogs can tell if someone is being rude or unhelpful, and if they notice some behavior they do not like, they might not warm up to a person very easily. This is especially true if a new person is rude to the dog’s owner, which feels like a personal slight to your canine companion.

They Dislike Their Scent

A dog’s nose lets her interact with the world, so if someone has a scent that bothers your pup upon the first meeting, it will be hard to get back on his good side. It’s hard to tell which kind of smells will trigger a dog, but if you notice that your pup is not taking to someone, try not to force it.

A Past Experience

Dogs can experience trauma just as much as humans can, and sometimes new people remind them of this traumatic experience. Physical attributes, smells, and even the sound of a voice could bring your dog back to this scary time of life.

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