When do kittens calm down? They have endless energy and treat furniture like a scratching post. Here’s when you can expect your ball of fur to calm down.

When do kittens calm down and start to lose their excessive kitten energy and playfulness? Kittens seem to have more energy than most species on Earth. Whether you are new to cat ownership or have owned felines throughout your life, a kitten can change the game. If you’re worn out from your kitten’s inexhaustible energy and capacity to get into trouble, you might be wondering when do kittens calm down. Your friends at Union Lake Pet Services are here to help you make the most of your time with your hyperactive kitty.

Do Kittens Calm Down?

If your kitten is leaping across every surface of your home and treating your furniture like his own personal scratching post, you might be wondering if it will stop. The good news is, kittens definitely do calm down. Cats age much faster than humans do, and go through milestone ages pretty early on.

Here is a breakdown of a kitten’s growth and what to expect from each age range:

  • 3 Months: Consider this their “toddler years.” During this time in a kitten’s life, she will be her most social as she adjusts to the new world (your home) around her.
  • 4-9 Months: Although it might be hard to believe, you can consider a cat that’s in this age range a teenager. As they shift more into a “hunter” mentality, they might start to sleep more during the day and play more at night.
  • 9-14 Months: By the time you reach this stage, you officially have an adult cat. After spending so long learning the social etiquette of your home, they will start to mirror you and your actions–like sleeping more during the night and playing during the day.

Are You Kitten-Me Behavior

Kittens are unique animals. They are even different from full-grown cats, so if you’ve never owned a kitten, you might not know what to expect. Since cats are predators in the wild, they have some intrinsic behaviors that might seem like they are misbehaving. In reality, they are marking their territory and making themselves feel comfortable in your home.

Some of these common behaviors include:

  • Scratching
  • Pouncing
  • Jumping
  • Playing

Surroundings to Enrich Your Kitten

Although you cannot (and should not) change this quintessential kitten behavior, you can channel them into more productive avenues. When you bring a kitten into your home, you should purchase some toys and games that let your kitty be young and free.

Scratching posts, furniture guards, cat towers, interactive toys, and even a catio are great kitten accessories. These let your kitten act like a cat without destroying your home. The sooner your kitty feels comfortable in your home, the sooner you can build a strong and lasting bond.

We hope we’ve answered the question of when do kittens calm down. They will calm down and you’ll soon have a much less frenetic kitty in your home. At Union Lake Pet Services, we make it easy to care for your pets in and out of your home. From boarding to grooming and even behavior modification, we are here for you. To learn more about our services, please call 248-363-6262.