While the music plays the same refrain, “Santa Claus is coming to town…” and the checkout lines are out the door and into the parking lot, holiday shopping season can be a challenge for anyone. Thankfully, there’s nothing more enjoyable than shopping for our cutest little friend, the family pet. From squeaky toys to snuggle cocoons to holiday themed cookies, ‘tis the season for giving – and we include our pets when composing our gift list.

However, many pet parents come up against the same quandary each year: what do you get a dog or cat who has everything he or she needs?

It’s true; there are some limitations to the number of chew toys or fattening treats a pet parent wants to dole out. But, the good news is that there are a multitude of options that encourage health and wellness, activity and mental stimulation.

Here is a brief sampling of unique ideas from your friends and Union Lake Pet Services.

Wintertime Snuggles

As the temperatures drop, the likelihood of our pet finding a comfortable place to sleep under our covers increases. And, while we adore a favorite furry friend at the end of the bed, it’s also nice to have a special sleeping pad or bed designed specifically for the cold winter season. -The Ombre Pet Cave will certainly be a hit for your feline – offering all the things he or she loves: warmth, a place to hide, and comfort. For our senior pets or those recovering from an illness, how about an orthopedic heated bed for those chilly winter nights?

From the Kitchen

Believe us, your pet has been salivating since Thanksgiving over all of those delicious baked goods and snacks. And, while we cannot share our food with our pet (and it can create an emergency in some cases), there are several homemade dog cookie and cat snack recipes online, and particularly through Pinterest. Check out a few favorites! Even better: grab some holiday shaped cookie cutters for a themed selection of edible delights.

Fun with Friends

Does your pooch spend a lot of time alone? Looking for ways to increase his or her amount of daily exercise, especially during the cold months? Doggie daycare is an awesome way to get your best friend moving while providing a supervised, safe way for him or her to interact and socialize with other dog friends. Union Lake has an incredible doggie daycare for your playful pup, and we offer individualized attention and supervision during group playtime. Give us a call to schedule your dog’s amazing play day.

Good Dog, Great Dog

A gift to both your dog and yourself is one of our training programs. We offer puppy pre-school, basic and off-leash obedience, rally, or agility training. Give your relationship a boost with training that benefits both of you in the new year.

The Gift of Holistic and Alternative Health

How exciting is it to see so many new options for pets when it comes to holistic, non-invasive veterinary care? Like humans, animals have been shown to benefit in myriad ways – from faster recovery times to pain management to stress reduction – through such modalities as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and even massage. The best gift, after all, is the gift of health, and Union Lake is happy to speak with you about our Herbal & Chinese Veterinary Medicine services. Call us for a consultation.

While shopping can sometimes bring stress – with the crowds, traffic, and time constraints – shopping for a pet can be a whimsical and low stress experience that will bring an exuberant bark or meow to a very happy recipient.

If you’d like additional pet gift ideas, or wish to treat your special fur-friend to a pre-holiday trip to our grooming salon, give us a call.

Whatever you choose for your pets this holiday season, it’s important to remember what they want most of all is your love, time, and attention. Don’t let your gift supplant snuggle time this season… you’ll both be better for the time you spend together.