We know how hard it can be to leave your furry friends at home when you are away for long periods of time. You may find that you need to hire a pet sitter, especially if your pet requires special medical care, or wouldn’t be a good fit for a boarding kennel or cattery. 

In order to feel confident while you’re gone, you will want to find someone you trust to watch over your pet in your home or theirs. If you are planning to use a pet sitter during your next trip or long work day, Union Lake Pet Services has tips on what to look for:


Sometimes the best way to find someone reliable is to ask the people you already trust. Talk to your friends and family who have pets. You can compile a list based on their recommendations so you have a solid place to start your search. You can also talk to the team at your veterinary hospital the next time you bring your pet in for a wellness visit. Some of the team might have their own favorite, trustworthy pet sitter, and others might have heard names from their clients. 

Professional Pet Sitter Association Membership

Although a pet sitter does not have to be part of an official association to do a good job, it does help you quickly find someone with a good reputation. If you want to choose someone with great credentials, you might want to browse the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

Good Online Reviews

If there is one place where people are honest about their feelings, it is in an online review. Once you have a short list of finalists for your pet sitter search, spend some time looking through their online reviews. This will give you a better idea about the pet sitter’s style and whether or not it meets your needs. If a potential pet sitter has mostly bad reviews or word of mouth, it should be a red flag about their ability to properly care for your pet.

A Schedule that Works for You

One of the most important traits of a pet sitter is a flexible schedule. You need to find someone who can be there for your pets when you cannot, which means they need to be able to come when you need them, or be at home if they are watching your pet in their home. As you start to interview potential pet sitters, be sure to ask them about their schedule. 

Emergency Plans

Although no one expects anything to happen to their pets while they are away, emergencies can happen. The best pet sitters are those who already have emergency plans in place to get your pets the veterinary care they need in case of unplanned scenarios. 

Good Chemistry with Your Pets

Perhaps the most important quality of a pet sitter is that they get along well with your pets. Before you hire any sitter, be sure to introduce them to your animals. Not only will this let you to see how they interact together, but it will help your pets feel more comfortable when they are alone with the sitter. If you are taking your pet to a pet sitter’s home, take your pet to their home for a meet and greet before making a final decision. 

If your dog doesn’t need a pet sitter, Union Lake Pet Services is proud to offer a wonderful boarding facility where dogs have the option to play with their friends during the day in our large play yards, or get special care and pampering. We take pride in caring for the pets of Waterford Township. From boarding to daycare, from training and behavior modification to grooming, we offer a one-stop pet care complex in conjunction with Union Lake Veterinary Hospital next door. Call to book an appointment at 248-363-6262, or make boarding reservations online.