If you’ve ever thought about natural grass lawns, you might reach the conclusion that they’re pleasant but can be challenging to maintain. While soft to touch and stunning to view, natural grass can be a sizable investment of time, energy, water, and money. And they aren’t the best at keeping pets clean. Put playful, energetic canines on a lawn, especially in damp weather, and it can quickly become a place of dirt, mud, and more.

Instead of continually facing the challenges of real grass, we saw an opportunity to change the way our daycare and boarding guests interact with the outdoors. We’re very pleased and excited to present a new kind of oasis and to share the many ways turf yards benefit pets.

The Muck and Mire

Whether it’s dry dirt or slippery mud, most dogs relish an earthy rollick. This is all in good fun, of course, but in a facility that serves dozens of animals each day, playing outside can quickly create lots of extra work. It simply would not do to send a boarding or daycare guest home with a dirty coat or muddy paws.

Above and Beyond

We carefully tend to the needs of our canine friends, whether it’s affection, exercise, grooming, or simply anticipating emotions or reactions. Turf yards, because they’re much cleaner than natural grass yards, allows our team to put even more focus on caring for our guests of honor.

How Turf Yards Benefit Pets

If you haven’t already guessed, we’re downright ecstatic to offer turf yards because:

  • Dogs can still go outside even if it’s drizzling without getting muddy
  • Turf inhibits the natural (but destructive) instinct to dig
  • Parasites like fleas and ticks thrive in natural grass, not in turf
  • Year-round curb appeal
  • The dogs, facility, and staff members remain clean (excluding drool, of course!)
  • No harsh chemical treatments, pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are used, resulting in fewer allergic reactions and irritations
  • No pollen is produced

So Much More

Our full acre of fenced-in play area is divided into three parts to accommodate training, free play, and supervised socialization, or play time by size and temperament. There’s nothing like them in our area. And, if you thought the above list was pretty special, consider the other ways turf yards benefit pets:

  • Because they’re softer to walk, run, and land on, your pet’s joints are protected on turf. Grass can be uneven and doesn’t always provide much in the way of shock-absorption. Younger dogs and seniors need us to watch out for their mobility and injury protection, and turf helps do that.
  • Dogs enjoy the texture so much that it’s not uncommon to find one rolling around on it or even curling up for a little nap.
  • Turf yards benefit pets because they’re easier to clean than grass. Our turf will never stain, turn yellow, or become brown from continued bathroom use. Plus, it’s all even and consistent, making messes much easier to spot, pick up, and sanitize.

Safe and Clean

Fantastic alternatives to natural grass, turf yards benefit pets because they’re clean and easy – it’s as simple as that. Please make an appointment for a tour. We’d love to show you around, and we’re confident you’ll love our yards as much as we do!