Winter has arrived, and for many of us the urge to stay indoors and snuggle up is strong. Pets spend more time inside during the cold months too, so it’s easy to assume that we are off the hook as far as pet grooming is concerned. 

As it turns out, winter pet grooming should not be ignored and is just as necessary (if not more so) than grooming during the spring and summer months. 

Winter Pet Grooming Perils 

A variety of winter conditions can place significant stress on your pet’s skin and coat, including: 

  • Snow and ice 
  • Wind 
  • Dampness 
  • Salt and sand used as deicers 
  • Forced-heat air inside our homes 

Allowing a pet’s undercoat to get wet and stay damp can also leave them prone to infection and encourage tangles and matting. 

100 Strokes and More 

Maybe you don’t need to make sure you get 100 brushstrokes in, but brushing your pet each day is critical for the removal of dead hair, dirt, and debris, and for stimulating blood flow to the skin. Brushing also encourages oil secretion from the skin to the fur, which can help a dried-out winter coat stay shiny. 

Your pet’s bathing schedule should be similar to what it is during the warmer seasons, but make sure your pet is completely dry before heading outside for a walk or a potty break. We are happy to give you recommendations for a moisturizing pet shampoo and conditioner if your furry friend has dry skin. 

Don’t Forget Paw Care 

The same mud, ice, and deicing agents that can get under your pet’s fur can also build up between the paw pads, causing irritation or injury. Make it a point to thoroughly wipe or wash your pet’s paws after they come inside. This not only keeps pet paws clean but also prevents your pet from ingesting chemical deicers and other toxic substances by licking it from their paws. 

Consider outfitting your dog with a set of waterproof booties or smearing on a thin layer of protective paw wax, such as Musher’s Secret, on the bottom of paws to reduce abrasions on the paw pads. 

Looking Good and Feeling Great 

Like their owners, pets simply feel better when they are clean! Not only does regular grooming benefit your pet’s mental and physical health, but a clean pet gets more attention from family and friends! 

Your friendly team at Union Lake Pet Services can help to make your pet’s winter blues go away with our top of the line grooming services. Our compassionate, experienced staff can treat your pet to anything from a basic bath to a full service spa day. Give us a call to make an appointment for your furry friend!