Preparing Your Pet for Fireworks

Unfortunately, many people choose to celebrate holidays with a bang—literally. Fireworks are popular this time of year and cause a lot of fear for pets everywhere. With a little planning, you can keep your pet calm during the celebration. Here are some tips for preparing your pet for fireworks before they start to erupt.

Make Sure They Have Identification

Fireworks are loud and scary for animals. Many pets try to run when they feel so much anxiety. Although we hope they never get out in these moments, we do want you to be prepared if they do. Make sure your pets have identification tags affixed securely to collars. Pets with identification collars are much more likely to find their way home. You can also microchip your pets to increase your chances of a happy reunion even more, or invest in a GPS tracker.

Build a Cozy Hiding Spot

Our pets take comfort in cozy spots. Planning out a comfortable hiding spot before fireworks start can help them feel safe. If your pet has been crate trained, you can put a bed, some toys, and some blankets or pillows that smell like you inside. If you do not use a crate, you can still build a cozy spot for your nervous pet. Try to put it far away from windows. If you have a spacious closet, you might even want to put it in there to minimize noise. 

Find a Good Distraction

Getting your pet to focus on something other than the fireworks can help quell the fear. Whether you put on the TV at a high volume or use a white noise machine, these distractions are helpful. You can also get some focus-driven toys to try to divert your pet’s attention during the worst of the fireworks.

Help them Expel Some Energy 

Sometimes tiring out your dog or cat can help them sleep right through the fireworks. Preparing your pet for fireworks can mean scheduling an extra long walk for your dog or a play session with your cat. You might even want to organize a play date earlier in the day. 

Use Pheromones 

A pheromone diffuser is designed to make pets feel calmer. Place a few around your house and set them up a few weeks before the fireworks start for optimal effectiveness. Be sure to check that they are still working the morning you need them.


Thundershirts are stress vests that provide constant, gentle pressure for anxious dogs. They can help quell your pet’s anxiety (like a weighted blank for adults) but don’t work for every dog. Consider buying a thundershirt (there’s a money-back guarantee) or first try a DIY thundershirt to see if it helps your dog.


For pets that are more anxious, we can help with calming medications to keep pets calm during the noise. For future, consider speaking to your veterinarian about your options. 

Preparing Your Pet for Fireworks by Working with a Trainer

Sometimes extreme fear is a sign of a deeper anxiety issue. Working with a professional trainer can help you teach your dog to overcome these fears. Trainers know successful behavior modification techniques to help your pets get past their fear for good. If your pet can overcome fireworks anxiety, it can make the holidays more enjoyable for everyone. 

Union Lake Pet Services offers training, behavior modification, boarding, and daycare services. Whether your pet has a fear of fireworks or you want to go away for the holidays, we can help. To learn more about our services or to start working with us, please call (248) 363-6262.