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10 Canine Myths Debunked

We think we know certain things about our dogs. We’ve heard bits of pet knowledge all of our lives. We all know cats always land on their feet and one dog year equals seven human years--but these are actually myths. We debunk or update 10 popular canine...

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Why Do Cats Love Paper?

It is no secret that cats have a love for paper. They can be seen rolling or sitting on it, shredding it or sometimes even eating it. Attempting to provide them with a comfy cat bed is usually met with them choosing the box or a newspaper on the floor...

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Cat Litterbox Challenges

Got cats? If you do, then you know how picky cats can be, especially when it comes to challenges of the litterbox. For example, you may buy the best cat litter you can find, but if your cat doesn’t like it, they won’t be happy. Some cats prefer sandy...

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