You’ve probably been disappointed with dog toys that don’t last, barely making it home. You know the drill. You get excited because you found the perfect toy for Fido, but within minutes, your dog has destroyed it. There are many pet toys on the market, but several don’t make the grade because they are ripped apart almost at once. While many toys label themselves as durable, how do you know which dog toys don’t last long?

This is why Union Lake Pet Services has done the research, so you can avoid these not-so-indestructible toys.

Dog Toys That Don’t Last

When you select your dog’s toys, you want to find ones that hold up and last longer than 8.5 seconds, right? Having a toy that is flimsy is not only frustrating but can also be dangerous. Avoid toys that fall apart, break, and have strings or objects that your dog can easily swallow.

Here are a few of the most likely offenders among dog toys that don’t last.

  • Squeaky toys – Your pet probably loves a great squeaky stuffed toy, but did you know that they’re easily destroyed? Your dog may be the type to look at this toy as prey and rip it apart, pulling out the stuffing as well as the squeaker inside. This piece of plastic can cause choking and obstruction hazards.
  • Rawhide, pig ears, and cow hooves – The idea behind rawhide and other animal-based dental chews is that they are long-lasting and will entertain your dog. Unfortunately, rawhide rarely lasts beyond a few chomps. As your pet works on these chews, they are apt to choke or swallow the rawhide. This is another type of risk for GI obstruction, as well as triggering digestive upset.
  • Rope tug-of-war toys – Ropes fray quite easily, making these toys one of the fastest destroyed toys among dog toys. When your dog wants to play tug-of-war, choose heavy-duty nylon or leather toy that can stand up to the wear and tear. Those individual strands in rope toys are also considered a gastrointestinal obstruction risk.
  • Dental chews – Dental chews provide your pet with a few minutes of enjoyment, but even the most durable doesn’t last long. Then, they are back, begging you for more or something else to occupy them (something tasty, they hope). Dental chews are a great supplement to your dog’s dental health but don’t rely too heavily on them for enrichment since those calories add up.
  • Tennis balls – Tennis balls are a popular choice for playing outdoors with your dog. But dogs can easily tear these balls apart. After all, your dog has them in his mouth and bites down on them. Unfortunately, they don’t make for long-lasting toys, and they can be dangerous. The materials inside these tennis balls are often toxic as well.

Most dogs will wear down their toys. There are some toys, though, that fall apart faster than others. Avoid the dog toys that don’t last and those that can be dangerous to your pet. Opt for sturdier types, like Nylabone, Kong toys, heavy-duty rubber balls, or one of these virtually indestructible dog toys.

Ask the Union Lake Pet Services team during your pet’s exam if you would like additional toy recommendations.