Summer is here again and with that comes plenty of sunshine, humidity and soaring temps! One way to help our dogs stay cool is a doggie pool. These come in a variety of sizes, shapes and prices but which one is best? We compare doggie pools to help you find the right one for your dog.

Keeping Cool in the Pool

Buying a doggie pool could be the best thing you purchase for Fido this summer. Not only is it a healthy way to keep him cool and hydrated, but it also provides hours of fun!

Why a doggie pool vs one of the many kiddie pools on the market? Durability, especially for larger dog breeds. Your dog also brings dirt, bacteria, and fur with him into the pool. Hygiene isn’t the only reason to give Fido his own pool. Your dog’s own personal pool is easier to get in and out of without risk of drowning.

Here are 6 doggie pool options comparing size, price and features. Check around–a few may be available locally:

These super sturdy pools are made from heavy duty truck bed liner material. Holding only 20 gallons of water at a depth of about 6 inches, this is more of a wading pool that lets your dog lie down in the cool water.

The bone-shaped pool is just as sturdy as the Paw Pool but larger (66 inches long) and can be filled with up to 11 inches of water. These are the ones we use here at Union Lake Pet Services. This shape has all but disappeared from sites like Amazon but can still be found on the maker’s website. You can get fancy with the optional red cedar deck kit for another $2400.

A foldable, durable anti-rip round pool with drain plug. Extra large is 60” in diameter and 12” deep–large enough for your large dog to get soaked. The large size is 50” in diameter and 12” deep, and the small is 32” and only 8” deep.

This foldable PVC round pool with drain plug comes in three sizes. The large holds 119 gallons of water and is 12” deep–a great option for larger breeds who want to swim around. Medium holds 67 gallons and is 12” deep, while the small holds 20 gallons and is 8” deep.

Also round and foldable, this PVC pool has no drain plug but empties when you fold in the petal-like sides. It comes in one moderate size (41” and 12” deep).

  • Round Poly Wading Pool – $6-15

Pick up a round poly wading pool for around $10 at a local big box store. These aren’t expensive and are a good option for giving your dog a cool place to lay. These are 45” in diameter, under 8” deep and hold about 26 gallons of water. Just don’t expect them to last as long as one of the pricier models above.

Tips: Don’t let pool water stand too long in a sunny area since it can become very warm. Ideally, place it in a shady area, out of direct sunlight. If the water in your pool becomes too warm, add a bag of ice to cool it down quickly.

Pinterest has great ideas for how to make your pool look amazing!

Alternatives for Keeping Cool

A doggie pool is just one of many ways to keep your dog cool during the hot summer months. Here are a few alternatives you might consider:

  • Dog Sprinkler or your water hose
  • Large tubs or buckets of water (to stand in or put their face in)
  • Absorbent pool toys they can dip into water
  • Dog houses with cooling pads in them
  • Porch Mister

A Day at the Beach

Pools are great but going to the beach can be an even better way to have fun with your dog! Make sure to have accessible shade and cool, fresh water available to avoid dehydration and heatstroke.