With summer in full swing and vacation season finally upon us, our boarding services are filling up fast. As a result, we are receiving more and more calls asking, “What can I do to make sure my pet is happy while I’m away?”

Our Union Lake Pet Services staff are sympathetic to your concerns. It’s only natural to worry when leaving your beloved pet for an extended period of time in an environment that is not his or her own. But rest assured, your pet is in loving and capable hands while in our care and we will go the extra mile to make sure your pet is having just as much fun as you are while you’re away.

Union Lake offers conventional boarding with hand walks, optional playtimes and daycare for our boarding guests. For pampered pooches, and those that need overnight supervision and care, consider our Bed & Biscuit on-site residence. It provides all the luxuries of in-home boarding.

Packing for Your Pet

We provide the staples of what your pet needs while you are away. Food, bedding, TLC, walks, and playtime. Our Bed & Biscuit includes TV time as part of the B&B experience.

However, many pets appreciate a little bit of home to keep them company during their stay. It’s not uncommon for pet owners to bring in a few of their pet’s favorite things in an effort to provide the comforts of home while they’re away. A favorite blanket or pillow is a common item—anything with your scent on it. As you know, animals rely heavily on their sense of smell, and being able to smell home in the midst of an unfamiliar environment can provide a sense of security and reassurance that they have not been forgotten.

Likewise, bringing in a favorite toy is also a great idea. That being said, be certain it’s not something your pet will be territorial about—the last thing anyone wants is a turf war over a tennis ball. Instead, look for something your pet can snuggle with at nap time or that will keep them occupied throughout the day.

Heading Out on the Right Foot

We understand that leaving your pet can be stressful for you both, but it’s important that your pet doesn’t sense your stress as you say “so long.” Animals are very in tune with their human’s emotions. As such, your pet will sense your stress and worry, and become stressed and worried themselves. Do your best to make your drop-off time fun and positive for your pet. If you’re excited, he or she will be too.

Other Considerations

Really, the little things mean a lot when your pet is in our care. If there is anything about your pet we should know, tell us and we will be happy to work with you in accommodating your pet’s needs.

Sometimes something as simple as a favorite treat from home at the end of a long day will make all the difference to a homesick pet, so don’t feel shy in leaving a stash of your pet’s favorite biscuits with us. Likewise, let us know your pet’s soft spots—a favorite spot to be scratched, a familiar routine—these are all things we’d like to know so we can make your pet’s stay at the Bed & Biscuit or Pet Services boarding a success.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us; we’ll be happy to help.