Exercise for dogs (and their people) is more than just a fun way to spend an afternoon. Active movement helps to keep pets at a healthy weight and allow them to fulfill their instinctive urge for hunting and roaming. Daily exercise also decreases behavioral issues, such as destructive chewing or digging, barking, and hyperactivity.

In our increasingly tech-oriented world, it’s not surprising that the fitness industry has jumped on the pet exercise bandwagon. Fitness gear for dogs has exploded onto the market and Union Lake Pet Services is excited to share with you some of the many gadgets and gear that can make exercising with pets that much more meaningful.

Fitness Gear for Dogs

Getting your dog, and yourself, into great shape has never been easier than with the new world of fitness gear for dogs, aimed specifically at dog/human workouts. Hands-free running leashesreflective collars, and all-terrain dog booties make exercising with your pet easier and safer. Heading out for a hike? A durable car seat cover protects your vehicle’s interior from muddy, post-trail paws.

Gadgets Galore

Whether you’re a tech junky or just curious about how much exercise your dog is really getting during those Frisbee sessions, a dog fitness tracker may be right up your alley.

  • The Fitbark activity tracker keeps tabs on your dog’s activity levels, calories burned, sleep cycle, and more.
  • Whistle is a small GPS and activity monitor that attaches to your dog’s collar, keeping track of his or her fitness levels and whereabouts (perfect for busy pet owners!).
  • Smart-collars, such as the Link AKC, combine the best of fitness tracking with other cool features like remote controlled lighting, temperature alerts, and even scrapbooking abilities. The Vetrax smart-collar takes tracking a step further by alerting your veterinarian if your pet’s normal behavior or routine is off, indicating a potential health problem.

Staying Hydrated

Water is a key element to protecting your pet from dehydration and heatstroke, as well as making sure he or she has the energy for a workout. A collapsible bowl can easily be stored and filled from your own water supply, or bring a convertible water bottle just for your dog. A cooling vest can also help on warmer days (although we recommend limiting exercise to morning and evening hours, when temperatures are cooler).

Check in with Us

Before you begin any new exercise program for your dog, bring him or her in to see us for a checkup. We will make sure that your best pal is healthy enough for an increase in physical activity, especially if he or she is older or has ongoing health issues. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!