In a perfect world, our pets would be able to accompany us on all of our adventures, including our out-of-town travels. Family members or friends aren’t always the right choice when it comes to pet care, which leaves many pet owners with the task of finding a pet boarding facility they can trust.

The staff at Union Lake Pet Services understands your desire to make sure your pet is well taken care of while you’re away. We believe that finding a reputable boarding facility that not only meets your pet’s needs but is also staffed by trustworthy and loving employees, should be as uncomplicated as possible.

Finding The Right Fit

Touring and interviewing prospective boarding kennels is a crucial step in figuring out which facility is right for your pet. Consider the following questions when doing your research:

  • Ask for (and follow up on) references
  • Are the pets supervised 24/7? If not, do they have any other means for supervision?
  • What are the vaccination and parasite control requirements?
  • How are medications and dietary restrictions handled?
  • How often will updates on your pet be provided, and how is it done?
  • What is the plan for dealing with emergencies?
  • What info will you need to provide the boarding facility?
  • Are little extras available such as video of your pet?

A Stress-Free Boarding Experience At ULPS

Our goal is to cultivate a climate in our boarding facility that is calm, comfortable, and as free of stress as possible for our animal friends. We have implemented the following Fear Free tactics to ensure a low-stress environment:

  • Comfortable, spacious surroundings and sleeping environments that are as free of common anxiety triggers as possible
  • Use of treats, toys, and cat and dog-appeasing hormones to help anxious pets remain relaxed and calm
  • Our employees take time to bond and play with each pet multiple times per day, thus helping pets feel safer and happier
  • Our certified training staff evaluates every new dog and hand picks their play group based on size, age and play style and where they will feel most comfortable.
  • Exercise is key to reducing stress, and our newly expanded AstroTurf play yards (1 acre total) provides plenty of space for dogs to run and play on safe, sturdy, and green (year round!) faux grass

Saving Time And Money

Many boarding facilities offer additional services to your pet during their stay, which can save you an extra trip to the groomer or veterinarian. We offer wellness exams, grooming, tooth brushing, massage, training, and plenty of other add-ons to our basic boarding package. If you don’t see a service you want, just ask!

Once you’ve decided on a facility, make the appointment for your pet’s stay as far in advance as possible. Many kennels fill up quickly, especially during the holidays.

If you’re staying with us, you may call to make a reservation (248 363-6262) or visit our convenient 24/7/365 online boarding reservations tool.

Getting Your Pet Ready

To keep your pet as comfortable as can be in his or her home-away-from-home, be sure to pack the essentials:

  • If your pet is on any medication, pack the dosage required for the days you’ll be gone, plus a few extra
  • Include any supplements your pet is taking, along with instructions for administration
  • Your pet will do better with his or her own food or treats, so pack enough of both for the duration of his or her stay
  • If the facility allows it, bring your pet’s bedding and one or two toys to help him or her feel more comfortable in your absence
  • Pets are required to be fully vaccinated before entering a boarding facility, so be sure to bring along a copy of your pet’s vaccination records unless you’re boarding at your regular vet

Pets sense and respond to our emotions, so by keeping the drop-off calm you can help set the tone for a low-stress visit for your pet. Plan ahead to give yourself plenty of time, keep your tone happy and positive, and don’t linger over good-byes.

Your Pet Deserves The Best

The loving and skilled caregivers are ready and waiting to give your pet the TLC he or she deserves during a stay at our state-of-the-art boarding facility. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns, or to take a tour of our facility.

We look forward to hearing from you!