Anyone who has picked up his or her pet from the groomers knows that there is an undeniable bounce in the step of a freshly shorn pup. Just like us, dogs love the feeling of being “beauty parlor fresh” and often it seems as if they’ve transformed into a whole new animal.

And why shouldn’t they? It feels good to be clean and, especially in the heat of summer, it feels good to shed the weight of the hair and release the heat it traps against the skin. Add to that the tender loving care of proper pampering, the comfort of freshly trimmed nails, and a stylish bow or jaunty bandanna for a little glitz and glamour, and you’d have a spring in your step too.

Happy and Healthy

But regular grooming is not just about looking good. For many dogs, especially breeds that require regular and consistent grooming such as Schnauzers, Poodles, and Shih Tzu’s, grooming is an aspect of wellness that cannot be ignored.

For dogs that require regular upkeep, allowing the fur to become long, snarled, and matted not only leads to discomfort, but to dermatological issues as well. By not allowing the skin to breathe as it would if the fur was kept at a “manageable level,” the natural oils the skin produces are unable to dissipate and can lead to both irritation and infection.

Likewise, the matted mess of hair your pet is dealing with also has the potential to play host to a variety of pests, and can provide the ideal place for fleas and ticks to hide out and remain safe from prying human eyes. For this reason, and particularly during this season, maintaining a regular grooming schedule is essential for keeping your pet pest free.

Thankfully, the professional groomers at Union Lake Pet Services are available 7 days a week to help your pup look and feel his or her best. Not only will your pet enjoy the attention and feel better after having his or her nails and coats trimmed, but you’ll be happy as well when you get to show off your spiffed-up pet to your family and friends.

Our grooming services are extremely popular, especially throughout the summer. Please call us in advance to schedule your pet’s next grooming appointment.