Fall Pet Grooming

Each season brings with it something new to attend to. With fall, it is time to get out our warmer clothes, prep the yard, and display seasonal decor. Fall also means changes in your pet’s grooming needs, with factors like cooler, drier weather and more time spent indoors. Plus, you want your furry companion to look his or her best for the upcoming fall and winter holidays.  

Here’s how fall pet grooming can help your four-legged pal to both look great and feel better.

Grooming Is Caring for Your Pet’s Health

Spring and summer bring a spike in grooming appointments for pooches, but what about the fall? Grooming your pet is about more than how they look; it is a matter of health and wellbeing throughout the year.

Ticks and other pets thrive throughout fall and early winter, and these important appointments help to catch them. We inspect each of our small clients thoroughly, looking for any signs of trouble.

Professional grooming is also important for skin and eye health, as well as making sure your pet’s teeth and nails are in tip-top shape. Your groomer is sometimes the first to notice issues like eye discharge, skin irritation, or a bump under the skin that should be examined.

All About the Bath

For a shiny, healthy fall coat, a seasonal change is needed in your pet’s bath. A fall shampoo and brush-out regimen relies on moisturizing and nourishing your pet’s skin to help prevent dandruff dryness, matting, and tangles. Dry, itchy skin can be a problem for dogs and cats alike, especially during colder weather or dry indoor heating, so we’re here to help keep the skin and coat healthy.

We use great smelling, high quality products at Union Lake Pet Services, and we provide recommendations and tips below for nourishing your pet’s skin at home too.

Certain breeds develop a thick undercoat and need consistent grooming to remove dead skin cells and hair to make way for a healthy new winter coat. Virtually all pets benefit from a thorough brushing. We all know shedding happens, let us help save your furniture from those hairy tumbleweeds!

Feeling Good: Fear Free Grooming

Who doesn’t love a good massage, or a new hairdo? Consistently attending to your pet’s grooming needs strengthens their confidence and trust, as well as intensifies the human-animal bond. Like us, animals respond to soothing touch and we do our best to make each visit an individualized spa experience for your pet.

With our focus on Fear-Free visits, our grooming and training team have made the grooming process more positive and fear free for every pet. Our goal is to make every visit positive so that each time a pet comes in, he or she becomes more and more excited to get onto the table!

We have also added positive reinforcement in the form of interactive toys and treats. These provide a distraction for pets that might otherwise begin to feel stress during certain parts of grooming.  

Watch as our trainers work with an anxious dogs to help him feel more comfortable about grooming visits. They can help desensitize your dog about being touched for nail trims and other grooming services.

At Home Grooming

We also recommend at-home grooming:

  1. Comb or brush and inspect your pet’s coat frequently.
  2. Bathe pets at least once a month, using a hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner suitable for their breed.
  3. Make sure you attend to your cat companions brushing duties, since some kitties need extra assistance in keeping their fur matt-free.
  4. Supplement with Welactin, a rich source of natural omega-3 fatty acids, in liquid or softgel capsules for dogs and cats. It not only supports the immune system, it also reduces dryness and boosts healthy skin and fur or coat wellness.
  5. Keep up with nail trimming duties, since too long nails can cause injury and discomfort.

Fall Pet Grooming at ULPS

Would you like your pet to smell nice (like sugar and spice and all things nice), just in time for autumn? Make sure to call the expert groomers at Union Lake Pet Services for suggestions and to get your pet started off to a great start this season. Groomers are here 7 days per week to groom your cat or dog.