Make no bones about it, people delight in animals that obey commands and perform tricks. Dogs have certainly earned their place among the world’s most trainable animals (including lions, tigers, sea lions, parrots, pigeons, dolphins, primates, orcas, just to name a few) and they are arguably the best companion animals of all those that can be easily trained.

However, it can take hard work and determination to lead your puppy or grown dog towards training success. Dog owners want their dogs to behave, and the single best way to make that happen is to learn the right ways to communicate with your pet.

If you are embarrassed to host guests at your home due to near-constant yapping or jumping of your pup, or simply exasperated by the sheer number of slippers you’ve had to purchase, dog training at Union Lake Pet Services is for you.

Getting Started With Dog Training

Enrolling your dog in one of our training classes creates an opportunity for you and your dog to learn and experience training together. By training together, you help to establish more trust and devotion in your relationship, and reinforce the bond you share through our gentle training techniques.

You and your four-legged friend will learn how to communicate with one another while learning basic commands and social interaction. Well-placed and sincere praise is highly motivating for anyone, and dogs are no exception. Because of this, we employ lots of positive reinforcement to encourage future good behavior.

It’s never too late to teach your dog new tricks. Our classes are perfect for new puppies and their people, as well as a great way to continue your grown dog’s education.

Teaching Your Dog How to Learn

Your dog is learning all the time. The tone of your voice, the smells around your home, the tasty treats he or she receives when they’ve done the right thing are all being stored away in the brain for future use… Formal dog training classes can help you learn to be a better pet owner and have more control over your pet’s behavior. When you start training, you are teaching your dog how to learn. After the basics are established, you can build on that foundation and teach your dog more complex commands and even a few tricks.

The Benefits of Dog Training

You already love your dog, that’s why you adopted him or her. You have paws prints on your welcome mat (and heart) and want to make sure the decision to adopt was a good one. When you train your dog, you can be assured that the bond you already have with your dog will deepen and grow into a partnership.

When your well-trained dog meets your expectations, that confidence will translate well when you are around others and out in public. You can then feel secure that your dog will remain controlled around children, cars, and crowds, and that benefit is exponential.

Furthermore, a trained dog is a happy dog. When your dog knows what you expect of him or her, you both can enjoy lots of activities that will increase joy. Finally, teaching your dog commands could save his or her life. For example, if your well-trained dog runs into the street you can call for him or her to heel and know that you will be heard.

Back To School – Sign Your Pup Up

This fall is a wonderful time to commit to training your dog. The kids are back in school, why shouldn’t you and your dog be? Our dedication to gentle and humane practices will swiftly and expertly teach your dog desired behaviors. We work to use low stress handling techniques at ULVH for the safety and comfort of your pets while we train them in the following courses:

  • Puppy preschool
  • Basic obedience
  • Intermediate obedience
  • Agility
  • Rally
  • Kennel training
  • Drop-off training

We are happy to help you get started, continue training, and answer any questions about our programs. Melissa, Rebecca, Dr. Hawker and Kristen Klebba, LVT just came back from an intense behavior seminar and they will continue training through Karen Pryor’s Positive Reinforcement/Clicker Training. Stay tuned for more information!

The relationship between you and your dog will grow and flourish with proper training and our certified dog trainers look forward to helping you. Call 248-363-6262 or email and happy training!