Your dog is a member of your family, so it makes sense that he or she should be included in as many of your important milestones as possible… But what about your wedding day?

If you’ve never considered incorporating your dog in your wedding, perhaps now is the time to do so!

Union Lake Pet Services is happy to report that the trend of including pets in weddings is growing exponentially, which means there are more and more ways to accomplish this once unheard of feat.

First Things First

Before you settle down to the serious business of finding bridesmaid dresses that don’t clash with your dog’s fur, take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my dog have what it takes to be part of a wedding ceremony? If your dog is prone to anxiety or aggression, it may be best to leave him or her at home.
  • Is my dog properly trained and socialized? Even well-behaved adult dogs may benefit from a little brush-up on basic obedience commands prior to the big day. Give us a call for more info.
  • Does the wedding site allow pets? Are you willing to change the location if they do not?
  • Are any of the honored guests or members of the wedding party allergic to dogs? Find out ahead of time and make alternate arrangements for Fido if need be.

Ideas For Including Your Dog In Your Wedding

Many factors come into play when determining the role your best pal will have on your special day such as your pet’s personality, the wedding site, the number of people in the wedding party, and the length of the ceremony. There are as many options as you can imagine for including your dog in your wedding, such as:

  • Walking the bride down the aisle
  • As a ring bearer or flower girl
  • Standing up with the the wedding party
  • As an honored guest
  • As a greeter or “usher”

If you decide that the actual ceremony isn’t a good fit for your dog, there are plenty of other ways to make him or her part of this special day:

  • Include your dog in engagement photos or post-ceremony wedding portraits
  • Showcase beautiful photos of your dog at the wedding or reception site
  • Include photos of your pet on your table number cards at the reception
  • Make your wedding favors in tribute to your best pal (think bone-shaped cookies or candies)

Safety First

Keeping the safety and comfort of your dog in mind is a crucial step in planning for your dog’s role in your wedding:

  • Designate a trusted handler to stay with your dog at all times. Knowing that your dog is supervised will relieve any anxiety you may have concerning his or her safety or behavior.
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Practice with your dog as much as you can before the big day, preferably at the wedding site. Include the handler so that he or she knows exactly what to do and when to do it.
  • Skip the doggie tux or tiny bridesmaid dress, as many dogs find clothing too restrictive. A simple bowtie or flower attached to the collar is festive and appropriate. If you must dress up your pooch, make sure his or her outfit is loose-fitting and doesn’t contain any strings or small parts that may pose a choking hazard.

Finally, your dog will surely want to look his or her best for the big day! Don’t forget to schedule a grooming session with our wonderful team of professional pet groomers.

On behalf of everyone at Union Lake Pet Services, congratulations on your big day!