Dog Etiquette at Dog-Friendly Bars and Breweries


We are lucky enough to have access to many dog-friendly bars and breweries in and around Waterford. Just because a business allows you to bring your dog does not always mean you should, though. Before you strap on your dog’s leash and head to enjoy time together in public, be sure that he or she can follow some basic dog etiquette:


Basic Commands

Your dog absolutely must have an understanding of basic commands if you want to have a good experience at a bar or brewery. Before you meet your friends and their pups for a drink, you should be completely certain that your dog knows how to sit, stay, and lay down. Dogs that jump or pull on their leash could be very dangerous in public settings. If you have any doubt about your dog’s ability to follow these basic commands, it might be best to leave them at home. 


Calm and Quiet 

No one wants to listen to incessant barking while trying to relax with a drink. Dogs that are calm and quiet and do not bark very often do their best in dog-friendly bars and breweries. If you have a hyperactive pup who always has to be the center of attention, this might not be the right activity for you. Dogs that have any aggressive tendencies should definitely not accompany you to a public spot. If your dog can lie down next to you calmly for a long period of time, however, they could be the perfect companion on your next trip out. 


Leash Comfort

Even those pups that stay next to their owners at all times should be on a leash when in a public setting like a dog-friendly brewery or bar. Make sure the leash extends no further than 6 feet to prevent unexpected situations with other dogs, kids, or a plate full of food that is too tantalizing for your dog to resist. You should always keep a hold of the leash instead of tying it to furniture just in case your dog gets excited and tries to run for something.


A Full Stomach

You should feed your dog before leaving for your adventure outing. A hungry dog might not be able to resist all of the delicious smells in the bar or brewery. You should also bring treats to feed your dog to keep them occupied and full while you enjoy your time out. Bring a water bowl just for your dog so they can stay hydrated, and put it somewhere out of the way that they can still easily access.


If you want to train your dog a little bit before attempting to bring them to dog-friendly bars or a brewery, Union Lake Pet Services is here for you. With training and behavior modification services, we can help you get your pup ready for any scenario. We also have boarding and daycare for those times when you just can’t bring your pet with you. To learn more about our services, please call (248) 363-6262.