While there are many benefits to the summer season, sometimes the heat can feel extreme—especially to our furry friends. Luckily, new technology makes it easier than ever to keep your pets cool and safe in the high temperatures. Here are a few helpful cooling products for pets that will help you make the most of the season:

Cooling Mats

If your dog or cat sprawls out on the cool tile floor throughout the summer, a cooling mat is an ideal product for you. Without the need for any electricity or refrigeration, this product absorbs your pet’s body heat to keep him nice and cool. Simply add water, and the mat will continuously keep your pet at a comfortable temperature. It’s very portable, which makes it the perfect accessory for your summer vacations. Available in a variety of sizes, cooling mats can also provide relief for pets experiencing hip dysplasia or arthritis. You can put it on the floor or directly on top of your pet’s bed. 

Air Conditioner Extender for the Car

The regular AC vents in the car don’t necessarily reach far enough to provide comfort for pets riding in the car. With an air conditioner extender like The Noggle, you can be sure that the cool air hits your pets well enough to keep them cool on short drives or long road trips. You can install this product in under a minute and do not need any tools to attach it. Extending six feet, this can easily reach your pets for your summer travels. (Of, course, you never leave your pet IN the car while you’re away.)

Sprinkler Pad

Keep your pets cool this summer while also appealing to their adventurous side with a sprinkler pad for the yard or patio. The non-slip design is easy to set up (just connect a hose), and provides hours of cooling entertainment. Whether you have dogs or cats who like to splash around, this outdoor accessory can add oodles of fun to your summer plans.

Crate Fan

If your dog or cat needs to spend a little bit of time in a crate, you might want to add a crate fan to keep the air circulating. It’s easy to install, and can fold up for easy transport. The standard size will fit easily into most crates and carriers. Keep your pets cool with the help of this functional fan. 

Cooling Vest

If you are planning to spend a lot of time outside, a cooling vest can enhance your summer adventures. The vest is made up of three layers for optimal cooling. The outside layer reflects heat and allows for evaporation. The middle layer soaks up and stores hydration. The interior layer keeps your dog nice and cool (and dry, too). Cooling vests also offer sun protection and you can easily use it with a harness.

Make use of these cooling products for pets to keep your dog or cat cooler in the summer scorch. Your furry friends will thank you!

Union Lake Pet Services can help you keep your pets cool this summer with our boarding and dog daycare facilities. With a safe and cool environment, we give your pets a comfortable place to live their best lives. For more information on our pet care services, please call (248) 363-6262.