When most people think of cats, they think of supremely independent animals who do not follow directions well–not responding to a clicker. With a little bit of effort and a clicker, you can train your cat to obey a range of simple commands. The team at Union Lake Pet Services is here with pointers on clicker training for cats.

Cat Clicker Training Basics

A “clicker” is a tool that you can use to praise your cat when he does something right. You simply press a button and it makes a small clicking noise. There are clickers available at different volumes in case your cat is scared of the typical noise. Using a clicker when training can help you teach your cat how to listen to commands. This aural association helps the cat make connections between what you say and what you want him to do.

Getting Started with Your Clicker

Before you can use begin clicker training your cat, you have to get her to associate it with a positive outcome. Spend a few days clicking the clicker and offering the cat a treat. This simple, yet effective method will show her that the clicker comes out for positive reasons.

Work Slowly on Cat Clicker Training

Cats do not have a large attention span, so it is important to keep your training sessions short. Spend no more than 10 minutes a day clicker training your cat for the most effective results. Always work with the clicker and your cat’s favorite treats. And remember to be patient–this is a new experience for both of you, and you each need time to adjust.

Focus on One Clicker Command at a Time

In your short training sessions, you should only focus on one command at a time. Hold the clicker in one hand, and use the other hand to place the treat right up to your cat’s nose until you have her full attention. Make sure to click the clicker and offer the treat at the exact second your cat completes the trick. For example, if you are starting with “sit,” use the treat to get your cat to stand up, and as soon as her bottom touches the ground, use the clicker/treat combo to show her she did well.

Clicker Train Away Undesirable Behavior

You can also use the clicker to encourage your cat away from some undesirable behaviors like biting or scratching. Put alternative scratching posts near the couch, rug, or comforter where your cat tends to scratch. Use the clicker whenever the cat uses the scratching post and ignore him (no positive or negative feedback). The more the cat hears the positive clicking when scratching at the actual posts, the more he will understand how you want him to behave. 

With plenty of helpful resources and training services, Union Lake Pet Services is here to help you enjoy the best possible life with your pets. That may include clicker training for cats. We make it easy to improve your relationship with your favorite furry friend. From training to boarding and grooming, our team is here for you. To learn more about our services, please call (248) 363-6262.