Bringing home a new pup is a joyous and exciting time. Your little fur ball is the apple of your eye, and with those floppy ears, wagging tail, goofy grin, and slobbery kisses, how could he or she not be?

And then it happens. Maybe it’s the tragic loss of your favorite or brand-new shoe; or a little “present” left on your carpet that you step in when you walk in the house. Or maybe it’s worse than that; maybe it’s your sweet little Fido knocking down your 83 year-old Grandma when she hobbles in the door, or bolting past you and into the street after a squirrel, despite your cries to, “Stop! Stay! Come back!”

Puppies need training to be good family members

Whatever the catalyst, there is no denying that your dog needs obedience training if he or she is going to be a successful citizen and member of your family. But, despite what you might think, proper obedience training is more than just teaching your dog the basic commands and to come when he or she is called.

When done properly, obedience training gives you and your dog the ability to peacefully coexist and build the bonds of trust and love needed for a long and happy life together. Certainly, obedience training will include teaching your dog the basics; but more importantly it will establish you as the Alpha of the family pack and give your dog the security and structure needed to thrive.

Puppies need structure and hierarchy

Establishing yourself as the pack Alpha allows your dog to know his or her place in your family and will open the lines of communication between you. It is in your dog’s nature to want to please the Alpha (you) and so he or she will be more in-tune with what is expected in order to accomplish this. Likewise, proper obedience training will train your dog on the rewards and consequences of his or her behavior, which will reinforce his or her place in the pack.

Training means safety

Proper obedience training can also save your dog’s life. Without you as the trusted Alpha, who will teach your dog that electrical cords are not chew toys, or that he or she mustn’t bite the toddler enamored with your pup’s favorite squeaky toy? The consequences of these behaviors could be fatal for your dog, and he or she needs to trust in, and follow, your guidance when it comes to his or her actions.

Training teaches socialization

But for many dog owners, it is the socialization your dog learns during proper obedience training that matters. If you and your dog are going to have all the happy, fun times you dreamt of when making the decision to get a dog, he or she must learn to play well with others—human and animal alike. Learning to not jump up on friends and strangers, bark at anything that movers, or get “too friendly” with your child’s giant teddy bear are crucial life lessons for your dog if he or she is going to be a productive and loved member of society.

It’s never too late to teach your dog new tricks, but without your compassion, commitment, and guidance your dog will never learn all there is to know. All dogs what to be good dogs, and roper obedience training is the key to showing them how to be the best they can be.

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