We look at dog breeds that get along with cats. The old saying “fighting like cats and dogs” did not originate out of thin air. Dogs and cats are different species. They do not naturally get along in the wild. CAN cats and dogs get along? 

If you want to be a multi-pet household, it is extremely important to make sure you find animals that get along well. While there are definitely other factors involved, including training, there are some dogs that get along with cats better than others. What dog breeds get along with cats? These breeds are most friendly to their feline counterparts:

Golden Retrievers

Known as one of the friendliest dog breeds, golden retrievers tend to be kind and accepting of new family members, which often includes cats. They have a lot of energy to burn, but if they get enough exercise, their temperaments are typically calm, empathetic, and full of love.


These small dogs were used as hunters in packs for generations, and are likely to be comfortable around other animals. If they are the only beagle in the house, they usually will view a cat as just another member of their pack. If you have more than one beagle, though, you run the risk of them developing a pack mentality. That could mean they start to gang up on a cat. 


Another small breed that does well with cats, pugs love to be the center of attention, and will definitely love a cat that wants to play. This can be especially helpful when you have to leave the house. They won’t have to spend any time completely on their own and can lap up all the attention they need to feel loved.

Labrador Retrievers 

This retriever breed loves to meet new people and animals and they often are happy to have as much love as possible. Bringing a labrador retriever into a home with cats is usually a positive addition. Since they are not typically jealous like some other breeds, they can happily coexist in a house with some feline roommates. 

Basset Hounds

Known for being a low-energy breed, basset hounds tend to have go-with-the-flow personalities that lend themselves well to multi-pet households. Introducing a new animal into a home with a basset is usually a good idea as they tend to be very tolerant of other animals in their space.


These chic pups are another breed that is known for being a little more laid back, which means they tend to do well with cats. As long as the cat is not too mean to the dog, this canine and feline pairing can be the perfect addition to your family unit. 

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