What is a well-mannered dog? We are all looking for the perfect furry addition to our family but if you are new to dog training, it can be difficult to weed through all the information on the internet on how to train your dog. Union Lake Pet Services is here to help you train the well-mannered dog so you can start to truly enjoy the fun of dog ownership:

5 tips to follow for a Well-mannered Dog: 

  1. Understand your dog’s perspective

It is important to understand that dogs are constantly learning and curious! They often exhibit normal dog behaviors such as jumping on the furniture, chewing or digging that we find problematic. First it is important to identify what the undesirable behavior is. Many people have read that dogs should not be allowed on furniture, to go through doorways before them or eat before them. What is acceptable behavior will vary from person to person. As long as the behavior is not harmful, it is you who defines the expectations for your dog! 

  1. Be a good teacher

Control what your dog learns through management and supervision. Help your dog to make the right decisions. Rather than focusing on what you do not want your dog to do, redirect and teach your dog the correct behavior using positive reinforcement. Set your dog up for success! 

  1. Communicate to your dog when he/she is doing the right things

Simply watch your dog and when catching them doing behavior you like, reward them with a treat, toy or other reinforcement. Dogs do what they get reinforced for! A high occurrence of reinforcement for good behavior will help your dog to quickly learn what you would like them to do. If an undesired behavior occurs, ignore it and redirect to an alternative, more appropriate behavior. 

  1. Be consistent

Inconsistency and unpredictability can cause frustration, fear and anxiety which may lead to behavioral problems in the future. Be consistent in which behaviors are reinforced and which are not. Avoid using punishment to stop behaviors as this can create uncertainty and lead to an increase in anxiety and aggression. 

  1. Advocate for your dog

Dogs cannot speak for themselves so it is our responsibility to be their advocates. This includes learning how to read their body language, creating positive learning experiences and avoiding overwhelming them by placing them in stressful situations where they may fail. If you notice your dog’s anxiety increasing, remove them from the situation and create a plan for how to help them be less stressed in similar situations in the future. 

If you need a little help training your dog, Union Lake Pet Services is here to help. Our training sessions can help you to create a training plan that will teach your dog to be happy and relaxed in any situation. To learn more or to schedule a training, please call (248) 363-6262.