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Pet Daycare FAQs

Dog Daycare FAQs

pet daycare

The Basics

Doggy daycare allows you to drop off your dog for a day (or half day) of exercise, play, attention, socialization and stimulation under the watchful eyes of a professional, caring staff. Your dog comes home happy and tired so that you can relax with a calm, satisfied dog

  • Doggie daycare allows you to provide your dog with care and attention while you are busy or at work.
  • Dogs need exercise and stimulation or they become bored and can act out. At daycare, they receive individualized attention from a trained and caring staff.
  • Dogs enjoy playing outside with their friends several times a day in supervised group play.
  • We’re locally owned here in Waterford, Michigan--not a chain location.
  • We’re unique in this area with our 3 large turf play yards. It is perfect for outdoor play because it’s cleaner (no more playing in the dirt) and softer on your dog’s joints.
  • The health and safety of your dog is very important to us. We have high standards for hygiene, diligently sanitizing everything in daycare twice per day.
  • Union Lake Veterinary Hospital is right across the parking lot where we have a medical staff onsite in case of any medical issues.
  • For safety, we separate playgroups according to a dog’s size, age and temperament, and each playgroup is limited to 12 dogs. We have one staff member for every 12 dogs.
  • No need to worry about reservations or cancellations. Simply drop off and pick up your dog anytime during daycare hours.
  • ULPS Daycare accepts all breeds. We also have dogs who have special care needs such as cancer, diabetes, etc.
  • Our 1st Day and Daycare Starter Packages are conducted by expert trainers who understand dog behavior and help your dog feel comfortable integrating into the daycare environment.
  • We can provide everything your dog needs. No need to ferry beds, blankets, toys and other items back and forth to daycare.  
  • We give you the option of choosing our hot lunch or providing lunch yourself if your dog has preferences or special dietary needs.
  • We offer complete pet care services under one roof. You may conveniently schedule training during daycare, or pair boarding with daycare--all in one handy location.
  • We offer play days, enrichment days and other options for dogs who do not enjoy group play.
  • We are conveniently located for residents of Waterford, West Bloomfield, Pontiac, and Clarkston to drop off and pick up their dogs along their commute route to their jobs.
  • Check out our social reviews and online presence. We have a very active Facebook Page featuring lots of photos and videos of daycare dogs at play, plus we have great ratings on Facebook and Google.
  • We value our local dog community. We partner with Detroit Dog Rescue to provide medical and behavioral care for rescued dogs.
  • Not sure how to pick an excellent doggy daycare? Our blog explains what to look for in choosing the perfect dog daycare where your dog will be safe and happy.
  • If you’re working at home, you may not have time to give your dog the attention, activity and stimulation your dog craves. Or you may need to work undisturbed.
  • If you’re not working, give your dog the gift of daycare for group play and activity in our large play yards. Enjoy an undisturbed day at home, or have fun on an outing, then pick up a happy, pooped puppy who’s ready to relax along with you.
  • Doggie daycare services are available Monday through Friday 6am to 7pm, and, on the weekend, Saturday 8am to 6pm.

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My Dog's Daycare Needs

  • You may bring lunch or opt for the Royal Canin hot stew lunch that we provide for just $2.
  • We ask that you bring your dog to drop-off on a regular (not retractable) leash. We’ll keep it here and then put them back on the leash for pick-up.
  • Yes, we’ve found that the safest collar for play is a flat buckle collar.
  • We prefer that the collar also have ID tags.
  • Yes, we provide comfy beds and cozy blankets.
  • We ask that you don’t bring in beds or blankets from home.
  • Yes. We’re happy to put a hat, sweater or other warm clothing on your dog.
  • We’ll also apply sunblock as directed if your dog needs it.
  • Favorite toys from home can cause problems between dogs as your dog protects his favorite toy.
  • We have lots of toys here so we ask that you leave your dog’s toys at home.
  • Favorite toys from home can cause problems between dogs as your dog protects his favorite toy.
  • Yes. Bring whatever food your dog prefers.
  • You may also choose the hot lunch that we serve (a Royal Canin chicken and rice stew with potatoes and carrots and Grandma Lucy’s on top) for just $2. Add on a peanut butter kong for just $1.50.
  • If your dog is on a special diet, bring in the food with any instructions.
  • Note: If your dog has food allergies, please let us know, as we do feed treats during the day and don’t want to give him something that would trigger an allergy.

Questions about A Dog’s Day at Daycare

  • Dogs play outside with their playgroups for an hour, then come inside to rest in their run for an hour. We alternate play and rest throughout the day.
  • We feed the dogs lunch during one of the rest times.
  • When outside, dogs play in our multiple wading pools, play with balls for 15-minute play sessions, chase bubbles, practice their dog sits and comes, and just enjoy free time to run around.
  • The daycare staff also puts each dog on a leash during play time and walks them around the perimeter of the yard for special one-on-one attention.
  • As much attention as he wants. Some dogs just want to be social and play with other dogs, and we allow that under supervision. Others just want to sit at a staff person’s feet, and have more personal attention.
  • We are out in the yard with the dogs, and observing them, at all times.
  • 1 daycare staffer per 12 dogs. We can call in training staff as needed.
  • Yes. Our trainers are involved with each dog at the start during our Prerequisite 1st Day, or 3-Day Starter Package. Our trainers are also available to help if we observe issues.
  • During one of the hour-long rest periods, daycare staff will serve each dog either the food that was brought in with them, or our optional $2 hot lunch. We also offer an add-on peanut butter kong lunch treat for $1.50.
  • Absolutely. Our normal schedule alternates 1 hour of group play followed by one hour of rest or nap time in the runs (or in crates for smaller dogs and puppies).
  • We have 1 full acre of fenced yards, divided into three outdoor play areas. These are covered in turf for cleaner dogs and less impact on your dog’s joints.
  • If your dog is part of our normal daycare schedule, each dog receives on-leash walks around one of the daycare yards. Dogs who are not good candidates for group play, receive on-leash walks around the neighborhood.
  • Yes. Anytime. We’re happy to have you check on your dog.
  • We offer a SmugMug photo and/or video package for $2.50 per day.
  • You may also schedule a drop-in visit to watch your dog’s playgroup...from a short distance. Unfamiliar visitors at the fence or in the daycare yard can upset the other dogs.
  • We will contact you if there is an urgent issue. For minor behavior issues or concerns, a daycare attendant will chat with you at the end of the day. or we will send home a report card with information about what we’ve observed.
  • We do not discipline the dogs. If we see that a dog is worked up or needs extra one-on-one work, we have the option to separate them from their playgroup. We can take them for a walk to get things under control. Once they are calm and ready, they are normally allowed to rejoin their playgroup.
  • Although your dog will have time to rest and nap, most dogs run around quite a bit during play time. Dogs will usually go home tired. That is one of the benefits of daycare--your dog has had plenty of movement and is ready to relax with you at home.
  • Dogs use their mouths and paws in play. You may notice minor cuts, scrapes, or even tiny chunks of missing fur as a result of dogs playing. We would notify you if a serious incident were to happen while your dog is at daycare but those are very rare since we closely monitor their play behavior.
  • You may notice that your dog seems stiff or sore at the start of attending daycare. Most dogs do not get this much exercise in a day, so some temporary soreness is normal. If your dog is limping or seems to have serious issues, please let us know. 

My Dog's Daycare Safety

  • We move at your dog’s comfort level. We take your dog on a tour to be sure he’s comfortable with the hospital, and let him get to know the staff.
  • We then take him up to the play yard fence in a separate area to see how he reacts. If he’s comfortable, we’ll introduce one dog at a time into the separate yard.
  • If he’s not comfortable, we may go on a walk to let him get calm again before trying again. We recommend that you watch our Daycare Starter video to observe what we do.
  • We separate dogs into playgroups by age, size and temperament. We have three separate play yards so dogs play with other dogs of the same size, age and temperament.
  • Yes, we divide dogs by age, size and temperament. We have quite a few separate playgroups.
  • Absolutely. Your smaller dog will only be playing with other smaller dogs.
  • Yes, not every dog is a good candidate for group play. We have side yards where a dog can play separate from other dogs. You may also want to consider one of our other individualized options:
    • A Play Day where your dog has a 1-on-1 play time with a staff member.
    • An Enrichment day where your dog has fun learning and building confidence.
    • Simply allowing them to relax for the day in one of our runs.
  • Your dog is fully monitored. We have one or more daycare staff outside with each playgroup. There’s also someone inside with the dogs while they are resting in their runs.        
  • Never. At least one of our daycare staff is always with the dogs when they are playing in group play.
  • We have capacity for a large number of dogs, but we separate them in to playgroups and limit each group to 12 dogs.
  • We place a high priority on cleanliness and hygiene in our daycare facility. Managed alongside Union Lake Veterinary Hospital, we understand better than most daycares just how important cleanliness is.
  • We sanitize everything twice per day to protect your dog’s health.
  • Every step we can. In addition to sanitizing everything in the daycare twice per day, we require certain vaccinations in order to attend daycare.
  • We refuse to admit an obviously sick dog. We listen and watch for signs of illness, and make sure that any dogs requiring veterinary attention are separated and receive attention as quickly as possible. We refuse dogs that are coughing, vomiting or suffering from diarrhea and we watch to see if any dogs are becoming ill.
  • With the recent canine flu outbreak, we were one of the first daycares in the Detroit area to require vaccination for daycare guests.
  • A good pet care facility like ULPS requires vaccination against kennel cough. But, just as with humans getting a flu shot, your dog may still catch it. See more information in the previous answer.  
  • Your dog will not get fleas from daycare, but it is your responsibility to make sure that your dog is on regular flea treatment (same is true for ticks and heartworms).
  • Please consider applying your dog’s topical flea treatment in the evening time, so that it can dry before they come to play at daycare.
  • Dogs that lead social lives are exposed to viruses, bacteria and parasites more frequently than their counterparts who lounge at home in solitude. This is true whether your dog attends daycare, goes to training, or sees other dogs in the dog park or pet store.
  • It’s the same as sending your child to school. Some exposure is good for building their immune system and resistance. The longer your dog is in daycare, the more likely they are to build a strong immunity.
  • We ask that if your dog is coughing, vomiting, or has diarrhea, keep him at home for protection of the other dogs and so your dog can rest and recover.
  • We don’t accept dogs who are coughing, vomiting or having diarrhea.
  • During the day, we listen and watch for signs of illness. If we see a dog that appears ill, we will separate them and contact their owner.    
  • We also contact the owner in case of injury.
  • With your approval, we will ensure that your dog receives veterinary attention at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital across our parking lot.
  • Yes. We’ve had broken toenails and dogs can injure themselves in small ways during play. These injuries are normally minor and can be easily treated. We would contact you in case of injury and get your approval for treatment.
  • It’s appropriately addressed. We try to figure out what occurred and why. We then take the appropriate steps to ensure that it doesn’t continue.
  • Sometimes it is just a matter of separating the dogs as these incidents are usually due to over excitement during play. Our Quirky K9s trainer can get involved if a behavior issue surfaces.
  • If there were to be a more serious injury, we would contact you and get the dog treatment at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital next door.
  • The staff who works with your dog initially during the 1st Day or Starter Package are all certified trainers who have spent years studying dog behavior.  
  • Our regular daycare staff have all gained experience working in boarding. Those with experience who have demonstrated good judgment with the dogs may then move over to work in daycare. 

My Dog’s Daycare Comfort

  • Yes, we offer a climate-controlled environment, not only inside. We have built-in heaters where the dogs may warm themselves in cool weather, and misters to help keep dogs cool and comfortable outside in warmer weather.
  • We have covered and shady areas, and we provide sprinklers and pools for warm weather.
  • We monitor the temperature and decrease outside playtime during extreme heat or cold.
  • The dogs love playing outside even when there is snow on the ground or it’s raining. We don’t allow the dogs to play outside during a thunderstorm.
  • With our turf yards, dogs stay cleaner than with dirt or regular grass yards.
  • We have covered areas where dogs can play during inclement weather.
  • We shovel paths through the snow in winter for those who want to play in it.
  • In extreme weather conditions, outdoor playtime will be decreased. We monitor the heat index and, if necessary, adjust play time for safety, ensuring that we don’t endanger the dogs.
  • Yards have built-in heaters so that dogs can warm themselves up. They are usually running around so they stay fairly warm anyway. In the summer, we have shady areas, misters, sprinklers and pools.
  • We monitor individual dogs. If a dog is lifting his paws due to cold weather or appears uncomfortable, we will bring that dog in sooner than the rest of his playgroup. Dogs with smooshed faces can’t stay outside in the heat as long in summer.
  • We have several large, sturdy wading pools and they are a very popular item with our doggy daycare guests.
  • Yes, unless you have requested that your two dogs stay together.
  • Yes. Just let us know when you make the reservations.
  • Our runs range from 6 to 10 feet. We also use crates for smaller dogs and puppies.
  • Older dogs get extra padding in their beds.
  • We’re more conscious of heat and cold for them. We notice that they are more likely to stay under cover in the shade in the summer, and near the heaters in the winter.
  • Our turf play yards are softer on older joints so they are more comfortable for senior dogs.  
  • Yes. During check-in, just provide us with the medication and instructions. There is no additional charge in daycare for administering medications.
  • We’re very well equipped for that. We have dogs in our daycare that have cancer, diabetes, are prone to seizures, etc.. We pay even closer attention to their care.
  • We observe a regular schedule with plenty of time outside. This should help reinforce your puppy’s potty training efforts. If we observe an issue, we would discuss it with you so that you are aware of it.  

For Daycare FAQs re: Eligibility and Suitability, Pricing, Enrollment, Reservations, Drop Off, Pick Up and Optional Services

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