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Kids and Dogs: Be Smart, Play Safe

Kids and Dogs: Safe Best FriendsWe love our kids and want to look out for them, and the same goes for our family pets. Making sure they’re both happy and healthy is a big part of a parent’s (and pet parent’s) life. What we sometimes forget is how much...

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10 Strange Dog Behaviors

Dog, Why Do You Do What You Do? Every now and then, your dog will behave in strange, peculiar ways like zooming around or rolling in something nasty. You’ve likely wondered--why? This list of 10 strange dog behavior makes for a fun read. Some we can...

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13 Common Cat Myths Debunked!

Cats always land on their feet and purring means they’re happy, right? You may have seen and heard these ideas most of your life and never questioned their validity. The truth, though, is these are actually myths. Here are 13 common cat myths that we...

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10 Canine Myths Debunked

We think we know certain things about our dogs. We’ve heard bits of pet knowledge all of our lives. We all know cats always land on their feet and one dog year equals seven human years--but these are actually myths. We debunk or update 10 popular canine...

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